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What is a simple note and why is it important when buying a home?

Request for the simple note when buying a home.

After much search for the perfect house and before buying it, either through a real estate agency or on your own, it is necessary to ask the Property registration the so-called simple note. This document, although it does not attest to the content of the entries, does provides very valuable information on the prohibitions or restrictions that affect the owners or the registered rights.

In this way, we can verify that the person who sells the property is indeed the owner of it, which prevents us from being victims of fraud. This check takes place before signing the deposit contract. The seller must provide this document to prove ownership. Later, if we require financing to buy the house, the bank will require us to present a simple note in order to know if the house is subject to a seizure or auction, or if you have already signed a mortgage. It is essential that we are aware of these charges or encumbrances before signing, since they must be settled before closing the transaction. A) Yes, the notary will request an updated simple note in which it is established that the house does not have loads and it is possible to transmit it.

The simple registry note also provides a description of the farm quite detailed, since it indicates the square meters (built and useful area), cadastral reference, unique registry code, accesses, coordinates, division, boundaries, etc. On the other hand, in addition to containing the name of the owner, it includes the deed date and the percentage of housing that would correspond if it was registered in the name of several owners.

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Request for a simple note when buying a home

To request a simple informative note, it is necessary to know the registry data of the property, the unique registry code or the location, since the Property Registry has a service of geolocation. If it is the owner who requests it, they must have a digital certificate. If it is the buyer or the agency on your behalf, You have to go to the Property Registry motivated by a legitimate interest, in this case, to acquire the home. The registrar registers this request for information so that the owner has proof of the query and the reason that prompted it.

It can be ordered in person or through the Internet and it is usually available within a period of no more than 24 hours. It has a cost of 9.02 euros per farm, taxes and withholdings not included. From the College of Registrars, they make available to the user a video tutorial for process the request for the simple note online. When this alternative is chosen, the document is received by email using a link that allows it to be downloaded in pdf format. You can also request a translation into English for 30 euros, excluding taxes.

It is important to know that the simple note has no legal validity. For this document to have legal value and, for example, to be presented in a trial, it must be signed by a registrar. In these cases, what is requested is a registration certification.

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