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What is a surada climatologically and why will it hit us at Easter

After last week’s cold front, the start of Holy Week will be marked by a sharp rise in temperatures on the peninsula. The rains and strong winds will reappear as a result of the clash with a storm that will enter on Monday.

Cold, strong winds, heavy rain and even snow. The first weeks of spring have not been very consistent with the weather that this season usually provides. The beginning of this week has been marked by a return to climatic normality. The weather has stabilized with temperatures more in line with those of this time of year. But not for long.

This weekend, which marks the beginning of Holy Week, the peninsula is going to be visited by 2 major fronts: a warm one from the south —the ‘surada’— and a storm from the northwest.

As a consequence, and from the last hours of Saturday 9 and until at least Tuesday 12, time will be generatedunstable with rain at some points and strong gusts of wind as a result of the pressure difference on both fronts.

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According to information from Meteored, collected by 20 minutes, southerly winds will be predominant in that time interval; a phenomenon baptized with the term ‘surada’. As a result, the entire peninsular territory will experience a spontaneous rise in average temperatures that could be 10º above the usual ones at this time of year.

Meteored’s predictive model suggests that the ‘surada’ will cause the maxims of Palm Sunday to approachor even exceed, 25 °C in the interior-south of the peninsula and on the north Atlantic coast.

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Specifically, the prediction estimates that Andalusian cities, such as Seville, Córdoba or Jaén, will reach a maximum of 27º. Those of the north coast and peninsular center, such as Bilbao, Oviedo or Zaragoza, experience maximum temperatures of 25º.

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What will the weather be like tomorrow? The most reliable websites and apps for weather forecasting

Monday will be when the storm begins to take over. The winds could intensify throughout the peninsula and reach 60 km/h in the main mountainous areas.

The heavy rain and storms They will also intensify as a result of the entry of the storm from Monday, and will move from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean slope. Meteored estimates that showers will persist through Tuesday.

From that same Tuesday and practically until the end of Holy Week, temperatures will return to more stable values ​​and in line with the beginning of spring, with a predominance of cool weather.

This article was originally published on Business Insider Spain.

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