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What is Dead Butt Syndrome or gluteal amnesia: you could suffer from it without knowing it, if your back hurts

It may have a funny name, but it’s not something to be laughed at. Dead Butt Syndrome causes back pain, poor posture, difficulty walking, and other limitations.

Its more technical name is gluteal amnesiabut many doctors also call it the Dead Butt Syndrome (Dead Butt Syndrome). And the truth is that it is quite descriptive.

In the lower part of the back are buttocksa muscular complex formed by three muscle bellies: gluteus maximus, medius and minor.

These muscles are the ones that shape our butt, but they have a more important function: provide mobility and stability to the pelvis.

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As with any other muscle in our body, the buttocks need to exercise to be in shape. If they lose elasticity and strength, problems begin… in the most unexpected places.

The Dead Butt Syndrome or gluteal amnesia is a problem that appears when the buttocks have lost elasticity and volume. This causes the hip flexor muscles tightenand the body stops this aligned.

this syndrome change our posture when walking, and makes walking more difficult. And since there are more interconnected muscles, it usually cause pain in the lower back, in the knees, and even in the feet.

If you have some of these pains, you may have gluteal amnesia, and you don’t know it.

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What causes Dead Butt Syndrome or gluteal amnesia? The most common cause is spend many hours sittingand not exercise.

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A sedentary lifestyle causes the buttocks to lose firmness, and the pelvic flexors to tighten. Over time the pelvis is misalignedand the mentioned problems arise.

It is a problem that can cause important limitations because causes back and joint pain, difficulty walking and bending, fallsetc.

Fortunately, it is a muscle firmness problem that can be corrected. But it takes willpower.


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First of all, you have to spend fewer hours sitting. If this is not possible, for example because you work sitting down, then you have to get up often, walk a little and stretch.

When sitting, don’t cross your legs. Keep your back straight and your feet flat on the ground.

And above all, do glute-focused exercises every day: tighten and loosen 20 times, squats, and other routines that can be found on YouTube. Or you can go to a gym and lose exercise glutes.

It is a problem that has a solution, but it is much easier to prevent it: reduce as much as you can the hours you spend sittingand do specific exercises for the glutes.

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