Tuesday, October 19

What is diverticular disease for which Pope Francis is going to be operated

A model of the large intestine highlighting a diverticulum in the sigmoid

Image source, Getty Images


Diverticula usually develop in the sigmoid, the lower left part of the large intestine.

Pope Francis has been admitted to a hospital in Rome for scheduled surgery to correct a problem in his colon.

According to a statement from the Vatican, the 84-year-old pontiff will be intervened by a “symptomatic diverticular stenosis” of the colon.

Diverticular disease or diverticulitis is a condition of the digestive system that is related to small bumps or bags – diverticula – that form with age on the wall of the large intestine, according to the NHS, the United Kingdom’s public health system, on its page. United.

Most people with diverticula have no symptoms and can only find out about the condition if they have a scan for some other reason. This asymptomatic situation is called diverticulosis.


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