Monday, August 2

What is “doxing” and why is it pitting Big Tech against the Hong Kong government?

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A bill to reform the data protection law in Hong Kong that is targeting the doxing it has put big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter on alert.

“The doxing (also written as doxxing) consists of revealing identifying information about a person – such as their real name, home address, workplace or financial information – on the Internet, and then disclosing it to the public without the victim’s permission, “explains security firm Kaspersky Lab.

The Hong Kong authorities say that this activity has spread in their territory since the massive protests of 2019 and that they must stop it to protect the personal information of their citizens, and for this they are planning to reform the data protection law.

But Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), a Singapore-based consortium of technology companies that includes Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple, expressed concern, as it believes that the proposed changes to the legislation will make it “too broad “.

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