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What is Elda’s brown container for and what waste is deposited in it?

There is an increase in organic waste collected in the brown container.

The correct management of waste and separation at source are essential to give a second life to all waste generated in our cities in search of greater sustainability. With that goal in mind, the Elda Town Hall took the lead in 2019 to roll out the fifth container for organic waste, a pioneering commitment in the province of Alicante that begins to bear fruit among the residents of the city if the constant increase in organic waste collected in the brown container and the increase in the volume of waste deposited in the selective islands.

All this previous effort made by the City Council of Eldense has made it possible to gradually implement the rest of the measures included in the PIRCV (Comprehensive Waste Plan of the Valencian Community) so that citizens gradually adapt to all these changes when it comes to separating their waste at source. A task that requires a specific pedagogy that is being carried out by the environmental educators, who have made themselves available to all Elders to resolve doubts about the function of each container and what waste goes to each of them. In addition, these environmental educators have collaborated closely during the implementation of the brown container in the different neighborhoods of Elda, carrying out a previous campaign announcing the system change of waste collection.

However, the brown container has only been the tip of the iceberg of all this commitment that Elda has made in the treatment of urban waste, where the campaign of cardboard collection «door to door» in the city trade. This initiative, which has already been joined by hundreds of establishments, represents a general service improvement, since on the one hand it is achieved pick up without hassle the large volume of cardboard that is generated in shops while avoiding the collapse of blue containers on public roads, allowing a best use part of the residents of the city.

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The restructuring of the selective service carried out by the Department of Sustainable Public Services and the company Phobia has provided a exponential increase in the volume of waste collected thanks to the increase in recycling islands throughout the city, to which the container for textile scraps which also collects the PIRCV to increase its efficiency and the total separation of all household waste of the Elda families.

The passage of time is confirming that the Elda City Council did not err in its decision to implement the fifth container and promote a revolution in the entire waste management and treatment system. The local government’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy is firm, since the next generations of Elders deserve to have an ecological, sustainable city that is committed to the environment.

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