Monday, August 2

What is emotional salary and what are the 10 factors that define it

  • Lucia Blasco
  • BBC World News

Hands catching money


The money you receive each month is your economic salary, but what is your emotional salary?

Many will say: “for money”. However, no matter how many zeros your payroll has, there are elements that add or subtract to your job satisfaction and that are part of your “emotional salary.”

All non-economic remuneration What you get for doing your job are an important part of that concept, which began to be studied about 10 years ago — in Spanish-speaking countries before in Anglo-Saxon ones — although it is only now beginning to be taken into account.

Mexican Marisa Elizundia, a specialist in human resources and people development based in Spain, has been researching this issue for years, with which she hopes to create “a new labor paradigm that redefines the way we think about work.”

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