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What is fan controlled soccer? FCFL teams, schedule, players and more to learn about the new professional league

The NFL season just ended with the Bucs winning the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the football season.

Like the previous two years, there is a new soccer league that begins the week after the end of the NFL season. Two years ago it was the American Football Alliance and last year it was the XFL. Both leagues withdrew prematurely (for various reasons), but the Fan Controlled Football League hopes to be successful. And considering how different their goals are, they are very likely to see that success.

Amateur controlled soccer league is exactly what it sounds like, and probably more than you think. The fans essentially control every aspect of this league. Before the season, fans voted on rule changes, uniforms, the draft, and more. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this league is the fact that fans can also call the plays on the field.

There are a number of changes to this league compared to what you would normally see in a soccer league, and we’ll get to that in more detail below.

“We are building something new, fresh and different, and we feel that if we could break out of the mold, it would reset expectations,” said FCF CEO Sohrob Farudi. told USA Today. “So they could come up and say, ‘Hey, I’m not even going to compare it to what I see on Sundays because this is a whole new sport.’

It really is a completely new sport. Let’s see why.

What is fan controlled soccer?

Fan-controlled soccer is a new league that is empowering the fans, who make essentially every decision, from roster picks to game decisions. It’s a little league with only four teams at the start, but it has some big names behind it. The team owners include soccer stars Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch and Austin Ekeler, rapper Quavo, MLB’s Trevor May, WNBA’s Renee Montgomery, NBA 2K’s Ronnie Singh and more.


Fan Controlled Football is a new soccer league looking for fast-paced action. It is 7v7 football and will be played on a 50-yard field. There are two 20-minute halves with a clock running, which only stops when there is a score or at the one-minute warning in each half. After the one minute warning, the clock will stop tracking the first attempts or an incomplete. The goal of the league is for matches to last approximately one hour.

There are also no kickoffs or punts. In fact, there aren’t even goal posts. Teams will start at their own 10-yard line and attempt to drive 40 yards downfield to score. Rather than a field goal for the extra point, it’s a 1v1 battle between a wide receiver and a defensive back. The extra point will have fans pick WR and DB, and allow three seconds for the quarterback to throw the ball. Fans will choose a 1-point conversion from the 5-yard line or a 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line.

There are many more minor rules, all of which can be seen in the official league regulations.


  • Glacier boyz
  • Zappers
  • Won
  • Wild aces


One of the most interesting aspects of this league is the fact that teams change players weekly. Teams will get two franchise players (selected by the team owners) and fans will get a goalkeeper after the first game. After that, each player returns to the pool for a new wording the following Wednesday.

As for who is playing, I only recognized three names when passing by league website: Johnny manziel, Quinton Flowers Y Deondre Francois. Manziel is a household name right now. Flowers had some promise in the XFL and Francois was a star at Florida State.


As we mentioned in the players section, there will be a weekly draft to determine where the players go. Some things to know about the draft are that defenses are written as an entire group rather than individual players. The offensive line is also selected as a group. It is somewhat similar to what you would see in fantasy football drafts. The focus is on offensive playmakers.

Call plays

While there is more to just clicking a button, we will let this explanation from the league itself speak:

On Twitch and in the FCF app, you’ll see Run or Pass when your team is on offense. Pick one and you will see four game options diagrammed. Block your favorite, receive a notification about which play won the vote, and watch the play unfold on the field in real time.

If you are really good at calling plays (or selecting players), then your FanIQ score goes up. As you reach certain goals, you will level up your FanIQ, and this will increase your voting power, making your votes count more. So if you’re a truly dedicated fan, you can really make your decisions count if you’re good at it.

How to watch fan-controlled soccer

Fan Controlled Football will be broadcast exclusively live on Twitch every weekend. You can watch the games in the embedded channel above.

Fan-controlled soccer schedule

The fan-controlled soccer league games are held every Saturday and will last six weeks.

Even though there are only four teams, that is, two matches per week, you won’t see a replay of the same game over and over again. Because the league has a draft every week, each team will have a new look as the season progresses.

As of now, the league only has the first three weeks of the season on its website. The league has a simple trend of two games every Saturday: one at 8 pm ET and one at 9 pm ET.

Week 1

  • Glacier Boyz vs. Wild Aces
  • Beasts vs. Zappers

Week 2

  • Beasts against wild aces
  • Zappers vs. Glacier Boyz

Week 3

  • Zappers against wild aces
  • Beasts vs. Glacier Boyz

Fan Controlled Soccer League Salary

The weekly minimum for players is $ 400 to $ 750, plus room and board.

Coaches are expected to earn slightly more, at least based on information provided in 2019. In job postings, the FCFL said that coaches would earn $ 3,500 per month plus room and board plans. Although at the time, the league had anticipated having eight teams. There are not too many coaches, considering that the fans make the decisions.

But there is a coach for each of the positions, although not one for each team. And there is only one head coach for all teams: John jenkins.

What team is Johnny Manziel on?

Johnny Manziel is perhaps the best known player in the league. He plays for the Zappers, and the team has labeled him a franchise, so he will remain there for the rest of the season.

While Manziel is keen to play in this league, don’t expect a return to the NFL. Manziel is not interested in some kind of redemption story.

“This is not my attempt to be a redemption-type comeback tour to go back and play soccer in the future.” Manziel told USA Today. “After playing here, I probably won’t play a soccer ball again for another year. Two. Or maybe even longer than that. This is just an opportunity that presented itself to me to surround a group of good guys who I feel like we make great business connections and I’m going to have a lot of fun doing it. “

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