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what is it and how to activate it

YouTube parental control, what is it and how to activate it

YouTube parental control, what is it and how to activate it

Youtube It has thousands of videos, many of them are very educational for our sons and daughters. However, it also contains a lot of content that is not appropriate and accurate for them. To be able to make sure that this type of video does not fall into your hands, there is the tool to control parental offered by this platform, Youtube Kids.

This type of YouTube parental control only offers content created for children up to twelve years of age.

What options does YouTube Kids parental control offer?

Youtube Kids allows children to access content appropriate to their age. It also allows us as parents to report or block content that does not seem appropriate to us.

Between the ages of five and eight, they can view and search for content such as songs, cartoons, or crafts. From nine to twelve, they can access more variety and can find videos about video games, science or family vlogs.

Although children of any age can view YouTube Kids content, according to Unicef It is advisable not to expose them to the screens until they are 18 months old and, when they are with them, their time should be limited.

How to activate Youtube Kids?

There are two ways to access Youtube Kids. Through our browser, by typing “Youtube Kids”, or through the app that can be downloaded from the iOS or Android marketplaces.

Once we are inside, we will find the first screen that will make us choose between the “minor” or “adult” options. Before children can access for the first time, it is recommended that we are the ones who configure the platform.

The first step to configure YouTube Kids is to indicate that we are adults Youtube Kids

After this, they will ask us for our year of birth and they will give us the option to log in with our Google account. If we log in we can go on to create a profile of our children. We must include your name and age. If you do not log in, the settings that we include or our child’s profile will not be saved, but our child will still be able to access to watch videos.

If we log in with our Google account, we can create a profile for our children Youtube Kids

On the next screen, it will ask us to choose what age range our sons and daughters are in so that content according to their years appears.

You must choose between three age ranges according to the years of our children Youtube Kids

Once these steps are done, children can now enjoy YouTube Kids safely.

Youtube Kids Cover Youtube Kids

Youtube parental control for teens

There is another type of parental control on YouTube that we can apply to children who are in the adolescence stage. Its about restricted mode, This prevents videos that are not suitable for minors from appearing.

In order to activate it, we must click on “Settings” that can be found through the three points if you do not have a session started, or on our YouTube icon if we have entered with our account. Once in the drop-down of settings, we must go to the last option where the option “Restricted mode” appears to activate it.

Restricted mode on Youtube Youtube

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