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What is kefir and when should we take it?

It’s about a natural probiotic whose origin comes from Caucasus. Due to its texture, it is a fermented drink similar to yogurt. This drink is made from the fermentation of the nodules or granules of kefir, as pointed out Natural san.

About his elaboration, although it has similarities with yogurt, in the case of kefir fermentation not only occurs at the lactic, but also at the level alcoholic. This means that it has double process fermentation, which gives it a somewhat acid.

When is it appropriate to take it

Being a natural probiotic, it contains microorganisms living that contribute to flora intestinal bacterial. That is why it is good to take kefir at any time, so you can add to the diet as a supplement to the feeding.

However, it is much more beneficial to consume it in certain occasions, as in the presence of infections or other diseases. One of these moments is when the cystitis, an infectious disease.

It is also appropriate to consume it when there are problems gastrointestinal, as the gastroenteritis, what is the inflammation of the inner membrane found in the intestine. This problem can be caused by bacteria, a virus, or parasites.

It is also recommended, after suffering a picture of diarrhea. In the event that they are taking antibiotics, kefir is good because, although the treatment is capable of fight bacteria causing the problem, too it affects those that are beneficial to the body.

The consumption of kefir is beneficial for stomach health. Source: Shutterstock

For this reason antibiotics are prescribed by specialists in case of being necessary, for a while determined and under your supervision, so that it does not affect the rest of microorganisms that help in certain processes within the Body.

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Beware of excess

While this drink is beneficial, the truth is that everything in excess is bad. Consistent consumption could cause Adverse effects. So, even when its consumption is good, it must be done with moderation to ensure good digestive health.

Between the problems that could produce the consumption in excess of this beverage, are the problems digestive, gas and flatulence and even diarrhea and abdominal swelling.

While it is true that it is good to combat these discomforts, you should only drink then, not during discomfort, as it would aggravate. In addition, its consumption is not recommended for those who have a sensitive stomach.

It is not recommended for people suffering from autoimmune diseases and that they are under treatment of immunosuppressants.

It’s good consult with the doctor on the consumption of kefir. It is likely that at the beginning of its consumption effects such as stomach tenderness and abdominal swelling, but these usually disappear as days go by.

However, if the discomfort persists, it is necessary stop consumption. The properties offered by kefir are various and all provide nutrients to the body.

However, you have to drink it in moderation. Sometimes the drink can be a bit tart. Add a little honey on the panel it will improve the taste.

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