Thursday, July 7

What is known about the devastating tornado supercell that traveled 302 miles from Arkansas to Kentucky

  • Ronald Avila-Claudio
  • BBC News World

A house destroyed in Kentucky after a swarm of tornadoes occurred over the weekend.

Image source, Getty Images


The state most affected by the weekend tornadoes was Kentucky, where 64 people have died.

Since last weekend, thousands of citizens in the central United States have faced the destruction left in their wake by a swarm of tornadoes that, according to experts, is “unusual” for this time of year.

Typically, the most devastating tornadoes – arising from supercells or extensive thunderstorms – occur in spring or early summer.

However, between Friday night and Saturday morning, several of these phenomena were recorded, affecting a row of six states located in the mid-west and south of the country.

Personnel from the National Weather Service (SNM) in Louisville commented that it is still too early to know the specific number of storms that were generated during the past few days.

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