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What is Mindfulsex and how does it help you connect with your partner?

Mindful is a recent practice in the area of ​​sexuality and has been supported by sexology. As indicated Take care Plus, this practice helps us connect with our partner, which will have positive effects on sexual intercourse.

Next, we will talk a little more abmindful sexlsex and how it affects the sexual act, and what are the benefits that we can receive from this exercise. In this way, it will be easier for you to visualize how useful it can be for your relationship.


Mindful is an approach applied to sex that basically proposes focus on all aspects of the sexual act and avoid paying attention to situations outside of this.

Mindful is a practice with which we align the “emotional body” with the physical body and the mental body to be in balance. It is related to mindfulness, but it is not necessary to have practiced this to enjoy it.

This idea of ​​”full sexuality” or “conscious sexuality” could improve the quality of sexual intercourse to the extent that it prompts us to focus our attention on the sensations it causes and in the sensitivity of our body to stimuli.

Focusing on your breath and sensations is one way to achieve good sex for you and your partner. Source: Shutterstock

HowMindfulndful into practice?

The benefits associatMindfulndful can only be fully enjoyed after doing some work on an individual level, but also with some complementation with our partner at the relationship level.

Regarding the individual component, there are certain actions that we can implement and that will be useful to us to mindful sexndfulsex.

  • Get to know each other on the sexual planeRecognizing our likes, limits, things that we dislike and sources of stimulation is a crucial point in the development of full sexuality.
  • Work our senses on assertingisEating, going for a walk and exercising are some of the ways we have at our disposal to explore our senses outside the sexual sphere.
  • Practice mindfulness: It is possible tmindful sexndfulsex even more if we become familiar with one of its fundamental origins and the benefits that are related to it.

In the interpersonal commindful sexndfulsex can be developed with our partner if we follow the following tips:

  • Drop expectations: Sex doesn’t always live up to our expectations, which is why not being aware of them can help us avoid disappointments that prevent us from concentrating on the act.
  • Use glances: looking our partner in the eyes is one of the best ways to reinforce the sentimental bond as it is a genuine way of feeling the company of the other.
  • Keeping attention in the present: If for some reason our mind deviates in the middle of the sexual act, it is always possible for us to channel it by paying attention to our breathing or sensations.

Inmindful sexndfulsex successfully into our sex life It requires a bit of effort and patience to reach the results that this practice can give us. Nothing happens if you don’t notice big changes at the beginning, they must be gradual.

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