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What is Rectify11, how to install it and what advantages it has over Windows 11

Rectify11 is a modified version of Windows 11 that aims to redesign and fix UI inconsistencies in Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system. Thus this personalized OS that is so popular among Microsoft fans.

After the release of Windows 11, Microsoft was widely applauded for creating a cohesive and visually modern operating system (despite numerous bugs in the early days).

However, there are still some legacy elements in Windows 11 that are reminiscent of the old days of Windows XP. To fix these minor inconsistencies, a group of developers tweaked Windows 11 and created Rectify11.

Developed by an engineer named MikeRosoft6009, the shell has been redesigned from the ground up to keep everything in line with the modern Fluent Design, much more eye-catching and pleasing to the eye.

Rectify11 has completely redesigned Windows 11 installation settings with updated icons to fit the modern aesthetic. The team has also redesigned new wallpapers that better fit the experience and design they want to offer.

Not to mention the recovery environment, File Explorer dialogs, system properties, action boxes, all of these UI elements have been updated with new WinUI 3 icons, fonts, and themes.

By last, Rectify11 has also optimized Windows 11 to be less cluttered and perform better. That is why there is no background telemetry and the TPM requirement has been removed.

Key differences between Rectify11 and Windows 11

The key difference between Rectify11 and Windows 11 is the consistency of dark mode throughout the user interface, including Win32 applications. In the dark mode of Windows 11, if you open the Control Panel or go to the System Properties window, you will see that they are still in light mode.

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While dark mode is applied on all UI elements in Rectify11, even if you open old UI elements like ODBC dialog. Dark mode is really consistent here, as you can see in the screenshot below.

windows 11

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Other than that, Rectify11 has revamped the recovery environment, including the settings and advanced options screen. While Windows 11 still uses the old Windows setup process.

Don’t forget that Rectify11 has also revamped the icons, which are now in line with the Fluent design. Even in a WinPE environment, you get a consistent Rectify11 user interface.

Also, Rectify11 doesn’t show ads or suggestions, nor does it ask you to install OneDrive or Microsoft Teams. This redesigned Windows 11 experience is absolutely bloat-free and has completely removed background Windows telemetry

Dangers of Rectify11

Since the Rectify11 project is not open source, we cannot guarantee its security. However, most of the core Windows components are available in this redesigned build of Windows 11, and you also receive security patches directly from Microsoft.

The other negative part is that it is only compatible with Windows 64 Bits, so if you have a slightly old computer to which you usually put the 32-Bit OS, you have to forget about it. This is a limiting agent for many people.

Is it worth trying?

So if you’re someone who wants to have a consistent Windows 11 experience, Rectify11 may be the OS you need to try. And, since it’s free, you don’t lose anything if you get bored one morning and want a change of scenery.

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This is just a recommendation, since it is your decision to decide if it is worth putting it on, because you have to have knowledge and time to install the OS. Here we leave you the official website where you can download the ISO.

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