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What is Schumer’s strategy for passing the third stimulus check in the Senate

What is Schumer's strategy for passing the third stimulus check in the Senate

Schumer seeks the widest possible consensus for the stimulus package.

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The Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer (New York), acknowledges that divisions in his caucus and among Republicans over the economic stimulus package could work against him.

For this reason, it is seeking to agree on the necessary changes that the main opponents have to the $ 1.9 billion plan, this in order to “freeze” any last minute modification in the voting in committees and the plenary session.

According to a report by Axios, the democratic leader seeks to meet the president Joe Biden Your promise to approve your financial project almost in full, which includes $ 1,400 of direct assistance per person plus a similar amount per child or dependent, as well as up to $ 3,600 in annual tax support for children.

“While the president hoped to get Republican support for the bill, Schumer has worked to ensure he has 50 solid votes.”, indicates the portal.

While Thursday’s parliamentary ruling on raising the wage to $ 15 an hour was a blow to Democrats, for leader Schumer it was one less stone in the way, as he will not have to deal with Republican criticism on it.

The New York senator is also asking his more reluctant colleagues to submit their proposals, some of which have been integrated, such as more funding for direct broadband to rural families and hospitals and the extension of unemployment benefits beyond. of August.

“They have some ideas and we are going to review them”Schumer said, but declined to go into detail about his fellow bench proposals.

One of the sources confirmed to the portal about the changes being made, which would be integrated into the project prepared by the Budget Committee, chaired by Bernie Sanders (Vermont).

‚ÄúSchumer [se] has been meeting privately with members [de la bancada] to get your comments on the legislation and ensure they are included in the wording [de la ley]”Said the source.

The route that the Democratic leader follows appears to be effective, since some of the Democrats most resistant to parts of the plan, What Joe Manchin (West Virginia) y Kyrsten Cinema (Arizona), could now be lined up to vote in favor.

Key dates

The exact date of approval of the aid package is not precise, but the following periods are the closest, considering the legislative calendar:

  • March 1 to 5.- The Senate integrates the economic package and could advance it in committees.
  • March 8 to 12.- This week the Senate could vote in plenary on the bill and send it immediately to President Biden.
  • March 14.- The funds for the unemployment insurance bond run out.
  • March 15 to 19.- It takes the IRS at least a week to process the Direct Aid to Families shipment.
  • March 22 to 26.- Direct payments to bank accounts would be made.
  • March 29 to April 2. The mailing of checks would begin.
  • April 5 to 9.- Shipping of prepaid cards would begin.

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