Wednesday, September 22

What is “terruqueo” and why does it influence electoral campaigns in Peru

  • Pierina Pighi Bel (@PierinaPighi)
  • BBC News World

Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori

Image source, Getty Images


Terruqueo arises in moments of intense political debate, as occurs in the current presidential elections, in which Pedro Castillo, from the left, and Keiko Fujimori, from the right, face off.

In an interview at the beginning of May, a journalist asked Pedro Castillo, one of the two candidates who will participate in the second round of the presidential elections in Peru, when he planned to present his technical team.

“I’m not going to expose my technical team. What for? terruqueen, so that they stigmatize them? “, answered Castillo, who will contest the presidency with Keiko Fujimori this Sunday, June 6.

With his reply, the candidate of the leftist Peru Libre party made reference to a very common practice in Peru: the “Terruqueo”.

This consists of accusing someone of “terruco” or what is the same: demonizing those who have ideas similar to the left or progressives, or anyone who questions in any way the the state, hinting that they sympathize with armed groups that operated in Peru, such as the Shining Path.

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