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What is the 13-day diet?

This diet has become very popular among people who want to lose weight, especially for the time stipulated for lose at least 10 kilos. That’s right, the promise to lose so much in a couple of weeks has managed to gain followers.

This diet invites you to eat a variety of foods repeatedly and promises to help you meet your goals in no time. In what follows, we will tell you more about this.

13 days to lose weight, how?

It is a diet strict whose indications should be followed the verbatim. This implies respect the amounts or portions of food that are ingested, do not change food by others and drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

It is a hypocaloric diet, so it can cause you to have little energy. Source: Pixabay

The promise of losing up to 10 kilos in such a short time has made many people see this diet as a alternative and an opportunity to lose weight almost immediately.

Being a diet hypocaloric, restrict many foods that contain sugar or fat. Relevance is given to protein intake. The point is that it is a diet repetitive, so it does not offer a cymbal combination alternative that makes it more attractive.

Routine to follow

The eating routine consists of eating basically the same every day. At breakfast you can only have one black coffee and a toast.

For him lunch can be consumed 3 hard-boiled eggs with tomatoes and other vegetables; but you can also alternate with 200 grams of meat or grilled fish and vegetables, such as steamed lettuce or carrot.

In the price, the options are: 200 grams of meat with lettuce, 150 grams of cooked ham without fat and a yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs and grated carrots. These are the alternatives. In this way, an example of the regime would look like this:

  • Breakfast: Black coffee without sugar with a toasted bread.
  • lunch: 250 grams of meat with a vegetable.
  • Price: 150 grams of cooked ham and a low-fat yogurt.

Is this diet effective?

This diet could cause a rebound effect. Source: Shutterstock

Despite its popularity, there are those doubt the effectiveness of the diet. In fact, as pointed out Kiwilim√≥n, this diet is repetitive and restrictive. This means that you can’t eat anything off the menu, so it can be boring.

In addition, portions are reduced. This is why many people they stop following her.

On the other hand, you can produce adverse health effects. In addition, it is possible that the famous rebound effect, which implies that those lost kilos can even be doubled after completing the diet.

The key to losing weight: eat healthy and exercise

Instead of following miracle diets that they can put in risk to health and physical integrity, the most appropriate is to follow a diet healthy and a routine of constant physical activity.

In case you want to go on a diet, the first thing to do is go to a nutritionist, who, after an evaluation, will recommend which is the most appropriate according to the needs that they have.

Therefore, you have to be careful with this type of diet, because while it can help you lose weight, the health consequences could be serious.

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