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What is the danger of mixing vinegar with bleach to disinfect?

It is very common for many people combine vinegar and bleach to clean since they think this mixture help a deep cleaning. However, the union of both products could really be dangerous.

Why is it a dangerous mix

To know what happens When these two products are mixed, some concepts must be taken into account. First of all, molecules found in both vinegar and bleach are made up of atoms.

Load atomic of both products is different. Another thing to keep in mind is the pH. PH is measured by a scale which determines that neutral substances are those whose pH it 7.

The acids are those whose pH is less than 7, and the bases or alkaline have a pH greater than 7. Taking into account this scale, we have that the pH of vinegar is less than 7, you could say that it is a acid.

In the case of bleach, one of its components is the hypochlorite, which is a base, since its pH is higher than 7, according to Better With Health.

By mixing both substances for the cleaning, then a new component: Hypochlorous acid. This acid, react with the rest of the vinegar, in turn forms a gas known as chlorine gas.

How it affects health

There are those who think that this combination is a powerful cleaner, and although it may be, it is at the cost of putting health hazard of those who live in that house.

It is very dangerous to mix bleach and vinegar for household cleaning. Source: Pixabay

The gas product of a mixture of chemical substances It can disperse through the air and therefore not visible. However the chlorine gas in its pure state can be seen in color greenish yellow.

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Therefore, the way perceive the gas is for your strong smell, Besides Negative effects it can have on health. There are those who believe that this smell is natural. But the health risks are various.

Affects mucous membranes, eyes, lungs and throat. The symptoms that generates are breathing problems, chest congestion, watery eyes and burning in the throat.

In the case of Skin contact, can produce irritation and blistering. That is why, those who do not know how dangerous this mixture is and have these symptoms, usually do not know what is happening.

What to do to clean safely

Now that you know how dangerous combination of these substances, you should not mix them. Instead, use them for separated for cleaning surfaces.

exist other alternatives less toxic to clean surfaces: lemon juice, he sodium bicarbonate or even hydrogen peroxide are kinder options with your environment, especially since do not let strong odors.

If you have mixed bleach with vinegar and have some of the symptoms already mentioned, stop using it and go immediately to a healthcare center so that they review you and prescribe some treatment.

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