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What is the difference between doing isolated exercises or compound exercises when training

We can approach training in two different ways: perform exercises that work only one muscle group O exercises that integrate several groups in a single movement, depending on Vitonic. The former are single-joint, and the latter are multi-joint.

There are important differences between these two modalities and it is worth taking them into account to get an idea of ​​how this will affect the achievement of the objectives that we have set ourselves when exercise.

What are compound exercises?

As previously stated, compound or multi-joint exercises integrate multiple muscle groups in one movement. Examples of these exercises are squats, deadlifts, chins, and bench presses.

For example, in a squat we work the ankle and hip extensors, as well as the muscles that contribute to the stabilization of the bodyThis is in contrast to machine knee extension work, which only works the knee extensors.

These exercises are very good if we do not have enough time to address muscle groups separately. For each year we would be doing a comprehensive job that would help us if our schedule is particularly tight.

Squats are great exercises that work multiple parts of the body at once. Source: Pexels

But nevertheless, multi-joint exercises are much more tiring and exhausting than single-joint exercises precisely because the former involve a greater amount of muscles and, consequently, a greater physical effort on our part.

Also, compound exercises do not work back muscles or weak points, so they are not useful to correct any kind of imbalance that we have developed.

What are isolated exercises?

Isolated exercises require a longer than compound exercises by targeting 1 muscle group at a time. This can deter people who don’t have enough time for it.

These are the most suitable for those who they begin to integrate physical exercise into their daily life as they are less demanding and exhausting than multi-joint. They will help build muscle and stamina for the strongest and most demanding exercises.

But nevertheless, single joint exercises are perfect for balancing muscle development by being able to focus on those muscles that have not developed alongside the others.

In this sense, isolated exercises are better to take care of the aesthetic aspect of physical training by preventing our body from having more developed sectors than others.

Know what distinguishes exercises isolated from compounds will help us establish the most suitable path for what we want to achieve with our effort. This being the case, this is an issue that we should consider.

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