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What is the “dopamine fast”, what is it for and why is it fashionable?

Many diets don’t just promote weight loss. There are those that have been designed to improve concentration and productivity. Such is the case of dopamine fasting, which is not a diet per se, but rather it is a Lifestyle.

Taking as the main argument the overstimulation to which society is exposed, this fast points to the decrease of pleasant activities, but potentially harmful if they are carried out in excess.

What is the dopamine fast?

It is not a diet as such, it turns out that it is a way of living. The point is that we have to get away from those things that produce pleasure, from food, through alcohol consumption, the use of social media and technology, and sexual intercourse.

This way of life, which was born in the popular Silicon Valley, bases its principles on the fact that we are overstimulated and that is why our body produces more dopamine than normal.

Dopamine is related to pleasure, so this diet focuses on the activities that produce it. Source: Pixabay

This makes us more tolerant of its effects and that is why we need to overstimulate ourselves not to stop having them. Thus, according to the diet, when there is an overproduction, the brain is saturates and does not work as it should.

According to what the Psychologist Rafael San Román for Women’sHealth, according to this “diet”, if the continuous repetition of a stimulus is interrupted, and then resumes, the response that had now decreased will tend to recuperate.

In this sense, the organism will have rested of repetition and considers the stimulus as something new.

Is the dopamine diet safe?

Those who promote dopamine diet they ensure that it is effective. However, you have to have various aspects consider.

First of all, dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is usually related to the placer. However, it fulfills various functions that are linked to the motor control and motivation.

In fact, altered dopamine levels, both due to lack and excess, occur in diseases of Parkinson, the drug addiction and schizophrenia, among other health problems.

The diet proposes the regulation of dopamine to have a better quality of life. Source: Pexels

Second, according to experts, it is not possible to consciously control the secretion of this neurotransmitter. This is because we cannot access what the brain produces.

Thus, the fact of stopping doing certain activities that are actually pleasant for us will not affect regular production dopamine.

In fact, trying to control the production of this neurotransmitter to improve productivity doesn’t really have no scientific basis.

Third, this lifestyle can actually produce greater unhappiness because you have to give up things that are pleasant and produce happiness.

How to stimulate the feeling of well-being

What really helps improve dopamine levels and feeling that feeling of well-being and happiness is starting to work by noticing real goals that we can achieve and that influence our happiness.

It is not necessary to stop doing what we like. Yes, we must cultivate healthy lifestyle habits, such as a good interaction with others, a balanced diet, sleep well and avoid drug and alcohol use in excess.

In this way, instead of deprive ourselves of things that make us happy, we must live in an orderly and take advantage of our capabilities to continue improving our lifestyle.

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