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What is the fine for having the license plate in bad condition?

What is the fine for having the license plate in bad condition?

What is the fine for having the license plate in bad condition?

The car registrationcar registration is a metal plate with alphanumeric characters that serves to identify and individualize a car with respect to others. Its use is mandatory, so if you ever drive with a car that has a bad license plate or that, directly, lacks it, you should know that you will be committing a missing by the Highway Code.

You should also keep in mind that according to the article 10 of the Traffic Law, the obligation to carry the license plate in good condition is the driver and not the owner of the vehicle: “The driver must verify that the vehicle registration plates do not present obstacles that prevent or hinder their reading and identification, are not damaged or tampered with.” Therefore, if driving slightly dents the license plate or you get into a muddy road that dirties the license plate and does not allow you to see the license plate clearly, you will risk receiving a license plate. Traffic sanction. Also, depending on the degree of deterioration of the plate, your vehicle may not exceed the Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV).


As we have commented previously, according to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), the registration plate of a vehicle must not present obstacles that prevent or hinder its reading and identification, and it must not be damaged or manipulated. Still, it is considered that a license plate is in poor condition in the following casesregistration:


The DGT usually penalizes the deterioration and poor condition of license plates with two types of fines:

If the license plate numbers and letters are not legible because the plate is dirty, bent or broken, is considered a serious offense and the moreascends to 200 euros without the withdrawal of points from the driving license. If you accept prompt payment, that is, if you pay the amount of the penalty within twenty calendar days after notification of the fine, the amount to be paid is reduced to 100 euros, since a 50% off. Keep in mind that acquiring a new plate to change the defective one can cost you approximately a few 20 euros, an amount much more affordable than the morefor having it defective.

And you intentionally handle tuition you can face a penalty of 6,000 euros and the withdrawal of six points from the driving license, in addition to the immobilization of the vehicle. For example, if you try to circumvent the radars by manipulating the license plate of your car so that the number is not registered at the time of the photo and thus free you from a fine.


Having a bad license plate also increases the chances of not pass the ITV. Furthermore, this was the cause of the 3% from last year’s negative inspections. Here we tell you what are the more serious reasons related to enrollment why your vehicle may not pass the ITV:

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