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What is the longest period a player has had sole possession before scoring? | Soccer

“What is the longest time a player has had sole possession of the ball before scoring?” James Dart asks. “Roberto Baggio v Napoli is just under 11 seconds, Maradona v England 11 and a bit, with Scott Sinclair v Barnet more or less the same. Do you assume that it can be improved?

Let’s start with Aston Villa and the wonderful dribble and chip of the late great Dalian Atkinson. Finch sent an email measuring him at 12 seconds from the moment he takes possession to the moment the ball crosses the line. Our stopwatch shows the same.

They are Heung-min’s Rifle Award Winner against Burnley in 2019 he falls short at 11 seconds, though Spurs fans could argue that he takes possession before his first touch. Lionel Messi made a good impression of Maradona’s classic in a match against Getafe in 2007. But we timed it in just over 11 seconds, the same as Diego’s. Messi scored another contender against Athletic Bilbao in 2015 – this one marking in 12 seconds, on the nose.

A brief detour: Yaw Yeboah scored a solo goal for Wisła Krakow just a few weeks ago. At just over 10 seconds he’s not going to win this, but it’s one of the best solo goals where the player doesn’t actually travel that far, instead engaging in a joke-style box dribble in the playground before crashing home.

“How about Jermaine Beckford’s goal for Everton-Chelsea in the last game of the 2010-11 season?” writes Mark Lumby. “He takes the ball and shoves it over Petr Cech 12 seconds later (the ball crosses the line a second or so after that). Hopefully the poor attempt at defiance from the Chelsea defender doesn’t detract from the ‘sole possession’ criterion. ” Unfortunately, Mark, Knowledge’s questionable target panel, rules against you.

Some of you sent an email to suggest George Weah for Milan v Verona in 1996, at 14 seconds, but a look back at the goal shows that he is tackled and briefly loses possession, turns for the ball, before regaining it and galloping again. Still decent, mind you.

Finally, Ron Meekings takes a step forward. “It’s time to put my Palace anorak back on,” he begins. “Andros Townsend scored the same kind of goal as Scott Sinclair, only slower. I don’t have the same patience as many of your readers to do this correctly, but it takes about 14 seconds. I don’t think Townsend got the credit he deserved for this goal scored on March 4, 2017 … especially since he also won the ball! “We measured it in just over 15 seconds, Ron, although it feels even longer.

Record scorers in more than one club

“I have heard some of my more optimistic (or deluded) fellow Manchester United fans talk about how Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely going to break Wayne Rooney’s club scorers record. With him already being the top scorer for Real Madrid, I wonder if there is any player who is the top scorer for two or more clubs ”. Tom Leonard asks.

There certainly are, Tom. “A very big and obvious one,” writes Andy Palmer. “Alan Shearer, Top Scorer for Newcastle United (206) and Blackburn Rovers (123)”.

Tom Wendt notes that: “In Major League Soccer, my all-time favorite American player, Ante Razov, is my Chicago Fire’s record scorer with 76 league goals (94 goals in all competitions). He is also the short-lived Chivas USA’s record scorer with 30 goals. “

Meanwhile, Dave Mellinger has a great example: “Until 2020, Sam Kerr was the record scorer for not just two clubs but two top-tier clubs. suspenders – the W-League in Australia and the NWSL in the US Michelle Heyman eclipsed her in 2021 in the W-League, although Kerr still holds the NWSL record. She remains the top scorer of three clubs in those leagues, Perth Glory in the W-League and Sky Blue FC (now called Gotham FC) and the Chicago Red Stars in the NWSL. The Red Stars record is shared with Christen Press.

“Unbelievably, he won the Golden Shoe (one season) twice in two leagues in the same year, earning the W-League Golden Boot in 2017-18 and 2018-19 and winning the NWSL Golden Boot in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Leagues play in complementary seasons, usually April through September in the NWSL and from November to March in the W-League. “

Sam Kerr celebrates one of the goals that made her Perth Glory's record scorer.
Sam Kerr celebrates one of the goals that made her Perth Glory’s record scorer. Photograph: Darren Pateman / AAP

Even longer gaps between players facing each other

Last week we found a rift between two footballers facing each other for the first and last time in 18 years: Peter Shilton and Pat Jennings. You have sent an email with examples that exceed that …

Christopher Sato takes us to a stalwart of Japanese football:

Kazuyoshi Miura (still playing at 54) and center-back Yuji Nakasawa started their careers at Verdi Kawasaki, but Kazu moved to Kyoto Purple Sanga in 1999. That year he played against his former club Verdi and was tagged by his former teammate Nakasawa. on May 15 and scored in a 3-0 victory. Fast forward to 2018 and they were rival captains in the third round Cup derby between FC Yokohama and Yokohama Marinos. The match was played on July 11, 2018 and Nakasawa avenged Kazu with a 2-1 victory. I do those 19 years and 57 days between the first and last appearances against each other. “

But P Lapper can top that. Alec Chamberlain vs. Dave Beasant! The first clash between these titans of the goal took place on February 21, 1984. And the last, 19 years and 65 days later, on April 26, 2003 ”.

However, all roads lead back to Gigi Buffon. “Buffon and Francesco Totti faced each other when Parma faced Roma in April 1997 and again when Roma faced Juventus in May 2017,” says Filippo Varanini. “So 20 years, much longer than Walcott and Ellison.”

Gigi Buffon, when he was number one in Parma for the first time.
Gigi Buffon, when he was number one in Parma for the first time. Photography: Grazia Neri / Allsport

Knowledge Archive

“I remember in 1986-87, Tranmere goalkeeper Eric Nixon became the first player to play in all four divisions in the same season.” remembered Nick Davies in August 2004. “Has anyone matched this since?”

In fact, he has since: Tony Cottee, who played for Leicester (Premiership), Norwich (First Division), Millwall (Second Division) and Barnet as a player-coach (Third Division) in 2000-01, before resigning from everything. to become a fast talking expert.

The Knowledge Archive

Can you help?

“Aston Villa just finished the game with Chelsea with seven impressive lefties on the field. Is that a record? If not, what is it? Has anyone turned full 11? “asks Tom.

“In the last seven years, Norwegian forward Alexander Sørloth has played for eight clubs, all in different countries: Bodø / Glimt in Norway, Groningen (Netherlands), Midtjylland (Denmark), Crystal Palace (England), Gent (Belgium)) , Trabzonspor (Turkey), RB Leipzig (Germany) and now Real Sociedad in Spain. Can any other player boast a longer streak of new teams and countries in a row? Kirean Whooley wonders.

“Has a player ever refused to celebrate an international goal?” Eddie Eyers muses.

“What is the furthest derby played anywhere?” Richard Morris muses.

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