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What is the Swedish Army like?

It’s official. Swedish Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersonhas confirmed that the Scandinavian country will follow in the footsteps of Finland Y will apply to join the NATO. Thus, Sweden will leave your historical neutrality to protect against threat military that supposes for the country the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Just a few days ago, in fact, the Scandinavian Army was forced to deploy armored vehicles and dozens of armed soldiers before the increase of the “Russian activity in the regionWith its possible entry into the Atlantic Alliance, Sweden would make one of the most modern armies in the world available to NATO.

Among the 25 greatest powers

The specialized portal Global Firepower (GFP)which publishes annual lists of the military potential of more than 140 countries, ranks Sweden number 25 worldwide, above other military powers such as North Korea or South Africa. It is an estimated indicator that compares a country’s ability to fight in the event of war.

Regarding the budget dedicated to Defense, the Nordic Army is also in high positions in the classification, specifically in 26, with more than $8.6 billion annually (about 8,250 million euros) according to GFP.

It is also a military body trained specifically to fight in arctic environments. Every year, hundreds of soldiers face an exercise called “Winter’s sun“, in which they carry out operations near the Polar Circle with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius below zero.

Compulsory military service since 2017

The Swedish government reinstated the compulsory military service in 2017. As he said then, the decision was in response to “the deterioration of the security environment in Europe and around Sweden.” At that time, the recruitment of volunteers did not provide the Armed forces enough trained staff. Sweden considered it essential to be militarily prepared for any context.

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Increase in troops

The policies carried out by the Swedish government are framed within the doctrine of “full defense” -just like Finland-. In this way, they prepare for the whole society to mobilize to defend the country in case its independence is put in danger.

In 2020, parliament approved a new defense plan that he was considering modernizing the army in the face of the constant increase in tension with Russia in the Baltic. The plan estimated that, in a period of 10 years, Sweden would go from having 60,000 war troops to a total of 90,000 troops in 2030.

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Apart from this increase, the objective set by the Scandinavian country is to improve its maritime defense equipment with the acquisition of new military submarines. As for the air forces, they mainly have combat aircraft ‘JAS 39 Gripen’a model that has been imported by other countries such as Brazil or Hungary.

Cooperation with Finland

In addition to its private operations, Sweden Y Finland share a similar strategic position, a fact that has led both countries to cooperate on matters of Defending in recent years. “A cooperation between the Nordic countries strengthens our military capabilities and promotes security and the regional stability“, reports the Swedish Government. Combined, they are a considerable defensive force.

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