Monday, June 27

What is the ZCAS, the meteorological phenomenon behind the floods in Brazil and what makes it so extreme now

A man travels on a raft through a flooded area in northern Brazil

Image source, Getty Images


The governor of Bahia indicated that the rain event is the worst in the modern history of the state.

“Atypical” and “extreme”: this is how meteorologists describe the phenomenon that causes torrential rains and has affected Brazil since November.

About twenty people have died, hundreds of injured and 50,000 residents in the northeast region of the country have been displaced.

The situation, according to experts, is related to an atmospheric phenomenon known as the South Atlantic Convergence Zone (ZCAS).

This event is described by the National Institute of Meteorology of Brazil (Inmet) as a humidity corridor that extends from the northeast to the South Atlantic.

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