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What is Tinder, how it works and tricks of the best-known dating application

Tinder succeeds like few applications, but if you want to flirt and don’t know how this dating network works, we’ve prepared a guide with everything you need to know to succeed in the most used tool for meeting people.

The first time you decide go into Tinder and sign in to their app, everything is new and you may not fully understand how it works. Then, little by little, you will understand the basics of this application to flirt, although it has its trick, even for the most expert users.

Tinder is today the leading application in its segment worldwide and with quite a difference, but the road to this position has not been fast. Since it was founded and launched for iOS in August 2012, it has changed substantially and a multitude of options have been added, although the basic concepts have been maintained.

Little by little it has been growing until it almost monopolizes the dating sector, especially among younger users, let alone during the pandemic, although Tinder is expanding the type of users to accommodate everyone.

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The working of Tinder it is simple and that explains its success, both in number of users and in income. For quite some time now, it has been one of the most profitable mobile apps on the market, and there are far from few who decide to pay to access Tinder Premium and all its features.

For now, its creators seem to have the clear intention of continuing to expand the number of people who use the application, especially taking away the fear of users who are still reluctant. At the same time, they also have plans to improve their ability to monetize users who prefer to use it for free, giving them certain advantages that encourage them to checkout.

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If you do not know what is or how does Tinder workwe explain step by step everything you need to know about the considered best dating app.

Tinder content guide

How to access Tinder and create your profile

The first step to enter Tinder is obviously downloading your app. It is a service designed by and for mobile devices with connection to the network and location, essential requirements to use your app.

You can download it Tinder for iOS and Android. The interface and operation is identical on both systems, and you will be able to meet people who are registered regardless of the operating system you use:

Once you have successfully installed the app, don’t wait any longer: open it.

Do not be afraid because Tinder is totally free unless you want to pay for some extras that we will explain later. You do not have to give a credit card or payment method of any kind In the first moment.

Once you manage to create your Tinder profile, it is time to customize it. What exactly does this consist of?

some are needed essential information to complete this step:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Age
  • Upload at least one profile photo.

Once you’re in, you can expand your profile with a description of up to 499 characters and your profession or company.

With this information, your potential dates will know something more about you before giving you like or not. The first thing you see is the main photo – the one with a star as a watermark – so try to make it as striking as possible.

This is how Tinder app works

Well, you have completed your profile and you can finally start flirting on Tinder, but how? What should you do? What made this application innovative was precisely the system by which you can decide who you like and who you don’t.

Once inside, you will see that some kind of cards appear with the name, age and a photo of people who are in your city or area (hence the importance of the location) so that you slide to the right or to the left. What influence these movements? Easy:

  • Swipe right: Like
  • Swipe left: Dislike
  • Swipe up: Superlike

When you happen to have given like to a person and she to you too, the call will take place Match, the heart of how Tinder works. That means you like each other and you can start talking in a private chat. In Tinder you can not talk to anyone who has not given you like to you before

The Superlike is something different. It serves as a “notice” to the person you give it to, who receives a notification. The problem with this Superlike is that that person cannot instantly see that it was you who gave it, unless he comes to your profile naturally.

In this Tinder tutorial we also warn that “cheating” the application is impossible, as far as is known so far. GPS location spoofing apps do not work and it is not possible to bypass the limitation of likes newspapers, because obviously you don’t have likes infinite, although a generous daily amount.

This is the “normal” operation of the application, the limited one by default and a little different from the Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus service. Below we explain what it is, how much it costs and why it was created.

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What does paid Tinder offer?

To begin with, it should be clarified that Tinder’s premium services are divided into several types

They come to cover several of the problems of free Tindersuch as the limit of likes up to date or the fact of not knowing who has given like to your profile unless you also give like to yours.

If you decide to pay, all these restrictions disappear, especially if you go to Gold, the most complete subscription of all. You can pay monthly, semi-annually or annually. Obviously if you pay for a year in advance it will be cheaper.

These are the prices and what they include:

Monthly price Semester price annual price What includes


– Tinder Passport: find matches elsewhere

– One free boost per month

– Only people you like see your profile

– 5 Super Likes a day

– Unlimited likes

– Unlimited rewinds to see all the profiles you discarded

Tinder Gold 30.99 euros / month 19.16 euros / month 12.91 euros / month

– Find out who has liked you

– Top picks: profiles selected according to your tastes

– Unlimited likes

– One free boost per month

– Choose who can see your profile

– 5 super likes a day

Little by little these subscriptions are devouring the rest of the free functions, a process that has turned the best app to flirt from mobile, Tinderin the most profitable by far.

If you are succeeding in this way, it is because it works.

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