Monday, October 18

What is Twitch and what is behind its millionaire audiences

  • Jose Carlos Cueto
  • BBC World News

Twitch logo phone.


Twitch has become television for many millennials.

If you don’t know what Twitch is, go and ask the relative at home not to be over thirty.

It is an online live video platform that your younger children, siblings, nephews and cousins ​​have been consuming in recent years. For them, it is their television.

To situate you, it is usually a person who puts a camera in front of his computer, starts the live broadcast and from his chair he talks directly with his audience about any topic that may occur to you while playing a video game, analyzes a news story or comment on posts on the net.

At first, Twitch was primarily used by gamers, video game fans who broadcast their games with a whole network of followers. Millions, in many cases.

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