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What is WhatsApp Business and how does it work?

WhatsappBusiness is an ‘app’ that can be downloaded for free and that is indicated, above all, to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. Through it, entrepreneurs can show their customers more quickly and directly products and services that suit their needs or tastes without losing features of the original version of WhatsApp, such as font styles.

For example, one clothing store you can create according to the types of garments you offer and this allows the user of the instant messaging application to add items to their cart and place an order with the seller.

similar process

Download and create an account in Whatsapp Business is as simple as doing it in WhatsApp: from Play Store for mobiles with Android system and from App Store for those with iOS. Once downloaded, the phone number is entered and WhatsApp verification of the company account is expected.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp does not allow you to have two accounts associated with the same phone number, not even being WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

The appearance and way of acting is the same as in WhatsApp. The differences start at ‘settings‘, which is called ‘Company Settings’. There we find the profile, in which we can summarize all the information of interest to customerssuch as physical address or location, activity of the company, business hours and how a client can contact the company, in addition to WhatsApp itself -web page, Facebook and/or Instagram account, etc.-, options that create a hyperlink that automatically takes customers to them when they select them.

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Other options are that you can create welcome messages -which are sent automatically when a client writes for the first time-, absentee -which are sent when the company is not available during the hours previously established- or quick responses -in which the employer writes, for example, “thank you ” and a pre-written default message appears, such as “Thank you very much for your order, it was a pleasure to help you”.

new option

At Christmas time, coinciding with the shopping season par excellencea new option arrives, which is called ‘Collections‘ and that consists of creating a list of products or services by categories to facilitate the search and choice of the client and that they can acquire it more quickly and directly. The new function not only facilitates the user experience, but also allows companies, by organizing their products and services in catalogs by category, to optimize their resources in the sales process.

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For example, if the company is a clothing store, you can search for men’s clothing, women’s clothing, pants, shirts, coats…

Companies will be able to upload a maximum of 500 products or services to the catalog and customers will be able to buy any of them and share them with friends. In addition, the functionality of send a message to the company to ask you questions or remarks about the products.

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