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What is Zero Training and how does it help you lose fat in 5 minutes

One of the most recent physical routines is the Zero Training, whose guidelines were presented by Japanese actress and yoga teacher Tomomi Ishimura. As indicated Vitonic, this exercise is designed for fat loss in just 5 minutes.

The distrust of routines that offer impressive results in a short period of time can apply with Zero Training, which may not be up to the results it promises. This we will examine next.

What is Zero Training?

Zero Training is an exercise routine posed by Tomomi Ishimura, a musical actress and yoga teacher from Japan. As described, it is a system based on stretching and breathing exercises which lasts only 5 minutes.

The objective of the exercise is to return the body to its initial position, or zero position, which would allow a “reset” of it. According to Ishimura, this initial position would facilitate the toning work, as well as lose fat and eliminate muscle pain.

Ishimura’s book, which bears the same name as the method, argues that muscle aches are largely due to the awkward postures we do, and that such annoyances can be eliminated if we manage to reach the “starting” position.

The exercise program itself consists of 5 stretching exercises and 1 toning exercise. These focus on the parts of the body that, for the author, are crucial to reach zero position (neck, shoulders, back, hips and feet).

By practicing these exercises 5 minutes a day, you will bring the main parts of your body to their original and natural positions. Photo: Pexels

How effective is Zero Training really?

Ishimura states that poor body posture makes our body “lazy” over time, which creates impediments to lose weight and increases the frequency of muscle pain.

The current scientific literature has not determined a relationship between body postures and pain, but it does establish that pain is a complex phenomenon that cannot be explained in a linear way as stated by the author of the method.

On the other hand, the claim that the exercises proposed by Ishimura are capable by themselves of toning the body and promoting weight loss and fat is not entirely wrong, but it is questionable.

To generate a caloric deficit, it is necessary to be physically active in order to burn calories, and 5 minutes is not usually enough for this. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the calories we absorb through meals.

We do not mean that Zero Training cannot offer us any kind of benefit, but we do mean that we have to have expectations adjusted to reality when we begin to apply this routine in our lives.

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