Wednesday, May 25

What it’s like to belong to one of London’s most dangerous gangs

  • Tracy Ollerenshaw
  • BBC Newsbeat

Gang members drawing.

“If you don’t show your worth, they are going to trample you. You can’t be good for nothing.”

Yusuf has been in a gang since he was 15 years old. When he leaves the apartment he shares with his mother, he puts on a stab-proof vest and sticks a knife in his underwear because he fears that he will be killed if he has nothing to defend himself.

“I prefer to be judged by 12 to be charged 6,” he launches, referring to the lyrics of a song by American rapper Roddy Ricch, which serves to express his point of view.

Both homelessness and domestic abuse have been very present in Yusuf’s past and he considers it likely that Her future be it jail.

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