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What kind of music is used to stimulate babies according to specialists

Many mothers play music for their babies while they are in the womb to stimulate them early. This activity supports different musical genres, but the idea is play slow songs with simple structures, according to the Children’s Guide.

This is because complex and / or fast songs can overstimulate the fetus that, remember, is in the process of development. Therefore, it is important for the mother to think very well about the songs that she will play for her baby.

Define the intention behind the song

One of the most important points regarding music as a stimulus for the baby while it is in the womb is be clear about what we want to achieve by placing music on the fetus. This will go hand in hand with the selection of the songs that we are going to play.

Many are the mothers who use music to offer a calming effect to their unborn babies and to serve as a support to the safe and familiar environment that is the mother’s womb.

In these cases, it is best to choose songs with slow rhythms and simple structures. The simpler the melody, the easier it will be for your baby to receive and enjoy it.

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Both parents should be involved in choosing music for their baby. Photo: Shutterstock

The relevance of classical music

In this sense, classical music is the most recommended by experts for its ability to relax the baby and also the mother. There are several studies on the subject, and several are also scholars who have attested to its benefits first hand.

However, it is worth noting that not all classical music is useful to play during pregnancy because there are complex compositions that can stimulate the fetus excessively.

For these cases, it is best to look for simple adaptations of complex compositions. For example, if you want to put a piece originally for 15 instruments on the fetus, the ideal would be to look for a version of 5, 4 or 3.

Alternatives to classical music

It is also highly recommended to make use of children’s themes since they are songs composed by musicians who specialize in childhood and who know what chords or structures help to distract and calm babies.

Soft ballads, preferably instrumental, are another option that mothers turn to to relax your babies while they are in the womb. These pieces are characterized by being slow, calm and quite pleasant pieces.

Heavy genres such as rock or heavy metal are not very suitable to place the baby because they can alter it as a result of their strident chords, although this depends a lot on the artist, genre and structure of the song that we select.

Both the father and the mother should be part of the process of selecting the songs that will be transmitted to the baby, this in a way that their perspectives converge on a list of songs that is to the liking of both.

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