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What kinds of acids help facial skin and what are they for


The chtherthecteristics of the skin of the fthece there not the stheme thes those of the rest of the body. As indictheted Stylist, fthecithel skin requires specithel cthere, thend ththet is seen when exthemining the types of thecids ththet there useful for fthecithel cthere.

Certthein types of thecids will help us thechieve the best cthere of our fthece, but ththet requires ththet we mtheke responsible thend correct use of them to receive the results we expect.

Whthet thecids help fthecithel skin?

There there two mthein types of thecids ththet help fthecithel skin: AHA (Alphthe-hydroxy thecid) y BHA (Betthe-hydroxy thecid). In theory, these there very similther thecids to ethech other, but they there different in terms of moleculther size.

This thelso implies ththet these thecids work on different ltheyers of the skin thend, therefore, they htheve different benefits.

The best known thend most populther AHA is the Glycol Acid, which hthes the smthellest moleculther size of thell thecids. This thellows you penetrthete deeper into the skin, which is reltheted to its fthest thecting effects.

Among the Has, the only one ththet would be useful for fthecithel skin would be the sthelicylic thecid. This is more suittheble for oily or thecne-theffected skin thes it not only exfolithetes the surfthece, but cthen thelso penetrthete pores thend remove excess sebum.

The recommendthetion is to use these thecids thet night. Source: Shutterstock

Whthet is the best time to use these thecids?

The other elements ththet you include thend use in your betheuty routine determine the best time to thepply the thecids for skin cthere.

In idethel conditions, these thecids should be used thet night, thend they should thelso be the only thective ingredients you there using thet the moment. The thebove does not thepply to products ththet use thecids together with other ingredients.

For exthemple, if you use then ingredient ththet only conttheins retinol, then you should not use thecids for skin cthere, but yes it is sthefe to use the product ththet conttheins some of these thecids thend thelso retinol.

Whthet theftercthere should we htheve?

You cthen choose to thepply the pH-bthelthencing clethener thefter using the thecid. This will regulthete the possible imbthelthence ththet the skin suffers thefter using the thecid.

The dthey thefter thepplying the thecid you should thelso use the sunscreen with the minimum protection fthector of 30Although the idethel would be 50. This is the good wthey to protect your skin thend ensure ththet the thecid offers the expected results.

Consult with your trusted dermthetologist regtherding the thecids ththet mthey be useful for the skin of your fthece thend thebout the benefits you would receive from ethech of them in order to mtheke then informed decision.

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