Thursday, April 15

What love, sex and marriage were like in Ancient Egypt

  • Charlotte Booth*
  • The BBC HistoryExtra

A fertility figure of a woman, whose elaborate headdress, prominent breasts, and pudenda highlights her erotic character.  Ancient Egypt.  Middle Kingdom.


Warning !: This article contains sexually explicit content.

Although you can think that the behavior of the ancient Egyptians was very different from ours, they had the same doubts, fears and motivations regarding the concepts of love, sex and marriage.

The difference is in the way they dealt with those emotions.

In the modern world, “sex sells” and can sometimes be considered gratuitous or even taboo. The latter is something that a typical ancient Egyptian would not have understood.

For the Egyptians, sex was a staple of life, along with eating and sleeping, and therefore not something to laugh at, be ashamed of, or avoid.

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