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What makes cumin such a powerful spice for weight loss?

Cumin lemonade is a great natural drink to cleanse the body and lose weight faster.

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Today spices are an important element of the current nutrition and health trend. However, their medicinal power is nothing new, they are used thousands of years ago, not in vain they are part of popular remedies of currents of aryurvedic and naturopathic medicine. Best of all, nature offers us a wide range of spices that are associated with particular healing properties. Such is the particular case of cumin, which is not only a popular condiment in the kitchen internationally, it shines for its benefits to promote health and lose weight. The reason? Its power to accelerate metabolism, its digestive potential, its benefits to reduce cholesterol and glucose in imbalance.

Cumin is obtained from the ground seeds of the plant cumin seeds, cumin, belongs to the family of parsley, fennel, anise and dill, it is grown mainly in China, India and Mexico. It is also popular for being a basic ingredient in the preparation of chili powder and curry, It is one of the most typical spices in Persian and Hindu cuisines. The cumin fruits give off an intense, spicy and penetrating aroma, which is usually nuanced when dry roasted. Being Umbelliferous fruits, they are especially rich in essential oil, which is the active part that gives it its main healing virtues.

There are many interesting facts about the composition of cumin, which stands out for its content in substances of great therapeutic power such as: essential oils with outstanding percentages of cuminaldehyde, fatty acids (palmitic and petroselinic), flavonoids, derivatives of luteolol and apigenol, resins, mucilages, tannins from the fruit rind, protein substances and vitamins, minerals and fiber. Based on this, it is attributed digestive, carminative, antispasmodic, diuretic, depurative, slimming, hypoglycemic, estrogenic, anthelmintic and slightly sedative virtues.

What are its benefits for weight loss?

Several scientific studies have been carried out in which it is confirmed that consuming ground cumin is a great natural supplement for people who are trying to lose weight. Although it is related to various benefits that enhance its slimming power, its greatest quality is related to its content in a unique ingredient: thymoquinone, a natural chemical that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Thymoquinone has the power to fight free radicals in the body and is key to releasing toxins.

Additionally, the essential oils of cumin help cells to respond to insulin and glucose, which keeps blood sugar stable. It is well known that it is a very important aspect not only in general health and in the prevention of diabetes, it directly intervenes in weight loss. Cumin has also been proven to help burn accumulated fat deposits, which also favors speeding up metabolism and helps burn calories faster.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of cumin consumption in weight loss, are its anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin is of great help to reduce inflammation that is directly related to overweight and fluid retention, in addition to its diuretic and cleansing benefits They stimulate the body to get rid of accumulated fat, salts, toxins and waste. According to a recent study conducted in 2016, in 72 overweight subjects demonstrated that adding cumin and lime to a weight loss routine is a natural remedy that significantly accelerates weight loss and metabolism.

How to use cumin for weight loss

The best of all is that cumin can easily be successfully integrated into your daily routine through simple ways. It is well known that as such there are no miraculous ingredients, however nature puts at our disposal powerful elements that facilitate the way and of course, cumin simply cannot be absent.

1. Cumin lemonade

Cumin water is one of the most popular and accessible alternatives to integrate into the daily diet as a complement to any weight loss plan. It is also known as jeera water in the East and is highly valued by your ability to jump-start your metabolism, help balance blood sugar, in addition to increasing hydration and thus favoring the elimination of everything that the body does not need. It is recommended to consume cumin water twice a day on an empty stomach, for best results. To make it, all you have to do is: soak two teaspoons of cumin seeds in 1.5 quarts of boiling water, strain the seeds, add the juice of two lemons, mix and it is ready.

2. Cumin supplements

A good alternative to ensure adequate cumin intake is to consume oral supplements, made with ground cumin seeds. or with black cumin seed oil. Nutrition specialists advise consuming a capsule with food once a day, preferably at lunch. Also lCumin supplements can help stabilize blood sugar, therefore they are a good option for those with prediabetes and diabetes.

3. Cumin in the daily diet

Of course cooking with cumin is also a great alternative to get its long list of benefits. Best of all, there are many presentations to enjoy it: chili powder, cumin seeds and ground cumin, They shine for their antioxidant and metabolism-stimulating capacity. And they are a great addition to seasoning rice, lentils, roasted vegetables, and protein.

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