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What mobile do I buy for my personal use?

Every year I test the most powerful mobiles of each generation, but if I had to choose one for myself, the one that I would buy to use as my personal mobile, I think I would not know which one to buy. And that is a problem.

If I’m honest, these last few years I’ve gained confidence in myself and I’m super sure of many things. Nevertheless, there is something that I have no idea about: what mobile to buy to use as my mobile on a day-to-day basis.

The luck I have is that I don’t need a personal cell phone because I change every week, so even if I love the one I bought, I wasn’t going to use it. However, if tomorrow I go to another place, stop analyzing mobiles or win the lottery and buy a desert island where I would stop working, I had no idea which mobile to buy.

And that is a problem, since I know very well what to recommend according to your needs and tastes, but… myself? No idea.

When a colleague or family member asks me “Alex, what am I getting”, my answer is always the same: how much do you want to spend. So, from there, from brand preferences on the part of that person and others, I take out two or three mobiles to recommend.

If they are mid-range, I already told you a few weeks ago that there are some very interesting ones from 2021 that are better than the mid-range ones from 2022, but if you want a premium range, I also know very well if you are going to like a Find X5 Pro better, an iPhone 13 Pro Max or a Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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I do know that, if tomorrow I had to buy a mobile to put my SIM in and not take it out for a year (at least), it would be a TOP range. I have become accustomed – very badly accustomed – to the things offered by the terminals of that range, but beyond that… which one would I buy?

Let’s see, I’m not hiding: I love Apple. I like it for several reasons, but what I like the most is the ecosystem. I am a Mac user both at work and in my day to day and yes, I have a gaming PC with Windows, but it is for gaming and little else.

So, my mobile would have to use iOS to integrate with the iPad and the Mac. Also, I really like the color consistency in its cameras and the day-to-day experience, but I hate the notch, I don’t like not being able to install APKs and the customization of Android freaks me out .

I also like the design of an iPhone, but since I tried the Xiaomi 12 I fell in love with its screen/size ratio and, furthermore, the design seems spectacular, so… Would you go for a Xiaomi? It is true that the camera is TOP and that it works great, but the battery is nothing to write home about and MIUI…

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Samsung with the S22 Ultra and Oppo with the Find X5 also make eyes at mebut let’s go back to what we were before: very good design, very good cameras, a spectacular zoom in the case of Samsung… but I don’t have iOS, which for me is essential.

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And of course, if I have to spend 1,200 euros it is to be 100% satisfied with my purchase, TRUE? Well, the luck I have is that I don’t have to make that investment because I know that whatever I buy, I’m not going to be happy. And… is iOS enough for me to buy an iPhone? At the end of the day, although it is super important to me, I think it would not be the most important reason.

When I think about this and they ask me what mobile I would buy, in the end I end up thinking about that ignorance gives happiness.

If I hadn’t tried anything else, I would surely go for the top-of-the-range iPhone or a top-of-the-range Android and I’d be so happy, but every time a mobile of this class falls into my hands, the range of possibilities increases and complicates more The equation.

And yes, it may shock you that I tell you this when I am so sure when it comes to recommending one or two very specific models in any range, but as they say, “at the blacksmith’s house… wooden spoon”.

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