Thursday, September 23

What morning coffee mistake could be wreaking havoc on your body, new study finds

We are all occasionally prone to the ravages of a bad night’s sleep and practically unconsciously the first thing we do the next morning is drink a cup of strong coffee. However after reading this it is likely that think twice.

The science it never ceases to amaze us, such is the case of this fascinating new study Which was published in The British Journal of Nutrition. Saying research work confirms that people who usually take their morning dose of caffeine before breakfast, present possibilities of having a negative impact in the blood sugar levels and as a consequence increase the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

More details about the study; was performed by physiologists of the Center for Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism from Bath University from the UK and focused on a group of 30 healthy people who underwent three different experiments. In the first, they had a “normal night’s sleep” and then consumed a “sugary drink” first thing in the morning; he second experiment, the participants were subjected to a night of interrupted sleep: they woke up five minutes every hour during the night, and then they were given the same drink as the first group. And finally in the third experiment, the participants had a interrupted night of sleep and they were given strong black coffee 30 minutes before consuming the sugary breakfast drink. It is worth mentioning that in the three scenarios, the researchers monitored the participants’ blood glucose levels.

The results were surprising, as the researchers found that a single terrible night’s sleep, compared to a Good night sleep, it did not necessarily affect the participants’ blood glucose levels and insulin response. However, when the study participants they drank coffee before breakfast, your blood sugar levels soared by 50%.

In a nutshell: the first thing we drink in the day directly influences the blood sugar control, especially it is usually more decisive in people who suffer from insomnia. The good news is that there is no need to stop enjoy morning coffee, simply the specialists recommend alter the order of factors and start the morning eating something light, and save the coffee for later. This simple change can have very important benefits for people’s health.

The conclusions of this type of studies result from great utility, since they have implications relevant to health. Especially considering that we normally have a knowledge limited about him metabolic and blood sugar control. Remember if you suffer from insomnia or difficulties getting out of bed, it is important that drink your coffee after breakfast. This simple change of habits will allow you keep blood sugar levels stable and enjoy the long list of benefits offering a nice cup of black coffee. Among which stands out a high sports performance, better mood, an increase in concentration levels, lower rate of depression, weightloss and better heart health.

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