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What NFL games are on Christmas in 2021? Schedules, TV channels, NFL week 16 schedule

Usually it is the NBA that dominates on Christmas Day. But in 2021, they will have to compete with an NFL doubleheader.

The NFL does not forever schedule games for Christmas, but this year, the holiday falls on a Saturday. Regardless, the NFL typically hosts Saturday night football games at the end of the season, so the league figured it would put a couple of games on the schedule as a result.

This is the league’s first Christmas doubleheader in four years, and there’s a lot of playoff-related intrigue surrounding these games. Each team is competing for a division title or wild-card spot, and each team hopes to bolster their playoff chances with a victory Saturday.

Here’s everything you need to know about the NFL Christmas games in 2021, including the teams they play and how to watch each game.

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Which teams will play Christmas 2021?

Play Start time television channel
Browns in Packers 4:30 pm ET Red Fox / NFL
Colts at Cardinals 8:15 pm ET NFL Network

The NFL is broadcasting its first doubleheader on Christmas Day since 2017. They had a game last season, when the Vikings and Saints met in a game dominated by Alvin Kamara.

This year, the Browns will face the Packers to open up the holiday action. Later, the Colts and Cardinals will meet in a highly anticipated night game that will prove instrumental in deciding the divisional battles of the NFC West and AFC South.

This will mark the NFL’s first doubleheader of the year on Saturday. They were supposed to have one in week 15, but the Browns had their game against the Raiders delayed two days until Monday night. As a result, they will play a short break against the Packers.

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What channel is Christmas football on?

Browns in Packers

  • Hour: 4:30 pm ET
  • television channel: Fox | NFL Network
  • Live broadcast: Amazon Prime | fuboTV

Fox and NFL Network will team up to broadcast the Browns-Packers game. They’ve been doing it for most of the season for “Thursday Night Football,” but this week, they opted to have a Christmas game instead of their normal “TNF” broadcast.

The Browns will fight to stay in the AFC North and AFC Wild Card races in this contest. The AFC North is a traffic jam right now, but if they can bounce back after a COVID outbreak, they will have a chance to win it.

Meanwhile, the Packers are well on their way to an NFC North title, but they are still battling the Buccaneers, Cardinals and Rams for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. So Aaron Rodgers will bring his A game while Green Bay tries to wrap that up.

Colts at Cardinals

  • Hour8:15 pm ET
  • television channel: NFL Network
  • Live broadcast: fuboTV

The NFL Network will stream the Colts-Cardinals game on its own, so those without the channel will have to turn to streaming alternatives to watch it. One of those options is fuboTV, which comes with a seven-day free trial.

The Colts are coming off a big win against the Patriots and looking to stay warm as they have won seven of their last nine games. They are battling the Titans for the top spot in the AFC South and are also struggling to stay ahead in the AFC wild card race.

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As for the Cardinals, they have lost consecutive games for the first time this season to the Rams and Lions. Their last loss was embarrassing, as the Lions only had one win going into the game, so they will be looking to bounce back from that loss.

History of the NFL playing at Christmas

There have been 22 Christmas games in NFL history, including the one between the Vikings and the Saints last season. The first NFL Christmas game was played in 1971, according to the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and featured the Cowboys and Vikings.

Before last season, the NFL had not played on Christmas since 2017, and the league played only five games on the holidays during the 2010s. They will have played three games in the first two years of the 2020s, provided there are no COVID-related postponements of this year’s games.

NFL Week 16 Schedule

Week 16

Play Start time television channel
49ers on titans 8:20 pm ET NFLN
Play Start time television channel
Browns in Packers 4:30 pm ET Fox / NFL / Amazon
Colts at Cardinals 8:15 pm ET NFL Network
Play Start time television channel
Giants in Eagles 1 p. M. ET Fox
Rams in Vikings 1 p. M. ET Fox
Invoices at Patriots 1 p. M. ET CBS
Buccaneers in Panthers 1 p. M. ET Fox
Jaguars in Jets 1 p. M. ET CBS
Lions in Falcons 1 p. M. ET Fox
Chargers in Texans 1 p. M. ET CBS
Crows in Bengals 1 p. M. ET CBS
Bears in Seahawks 4:05 pm ET Fox
Steelers at Chiefs 4:25 pm ET CBS
Broncos at Raiders 4:25 pm ET CBS
Washington football team at Cowboys 8:20 pm ET NBC
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Play Start time television channel
Dolphins in los santos 8:15 pm ET ESPN


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