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What parents are entitled to in France in case of Covid school closures

From March 22, individual classes in the 19 departments under partial blockage it has to close if only one student tests positive for the virus. Previously, classes were closed when three positive cases were discovered among students (one if the case was of the Covid variant detected for the first time in South Africa).

This leaves many parents trying to juggle work and childcare, but help is available: a public scheme the provision of support to parents whose children have closed school or class since September 1, 2020.

Parents or guardians may request that they be granted a partial license or a I work stopping (medical certificate) for the time they need to be absent from work. However, what they are entitled to depends on their job and family situation.

Here is an overview:

Private sector employees unable to work remotely

Private sector employees who cannot work from home can access the Partial unemployment (license) scheme. The scheme is still in effect for parents who have to stay home with their children due to Covid, however, there are some catches to receive this help. First of all, both parents or guardians should not be able to work from home (unless they are single parents). Second, the employer must be the one to indicate that the employee is needed in the office, as confirmed by the Ministry of Education to the French newspaper. The parisian.

Third, the child in question must be under 16 or disabled.

The parent who will be caring for the child must also provide their employer with a written statement confirming that the school or class has closed, OR a document from the Assurance maladie social security service stating that the child is considered a contact case of Covid.

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Finally, the parent should write a sworn declaration – that specific French legal form in which you swear by your “honor”, more information HERE – who is the only parent requesting to benefit from this aid.

If all this is done correctly, the employee will be discharged., meaning the state pays 84 percent of your salary (100 percent for minimum wage employees). The scheme begins on the first day of the I work stopping and may last until the last day of the child’s isolation period or when the school or class reopens, as appropriate.

Private sector employees who can work remotely

Parents who are employed in the private sector and can work from home are in a less protected situation.

They can get a medical certificate for time off from work to care for a young child, although there are no rules governing the child’s age or circumstances here. It really depends on the employer, so parents who find themselves in this situation will have to negotiate directly with their boss.

Self-employed and self-employed

Freelancers, small business owners, and freelancers can also get a stay-at-home medical certificate and claim compensation from their wages on these days. Again, this applies to those with children under the age of 16 or with disabilities.

This group includes self-employed agricultural workers, nannies, entertainers, self-employed health workers, contract workers for the public sector, and others; full list on government website. HERE.

Parents in this situation should apply online through the Caisse nationale de l’Assurance maladie (CNAM), link HERE, or through Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA), link HERE.

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Two-parent families can share the license between the parents if they wish. They will need to provide a document confirming the closure of the school or class, OR that their child is considered a contact case.

Self-employed without a fixed salary can request the Solidarity fund, the government scheme that grants subsidies to the self-employed whose income has fallen due to Covid-19. The amounts to which the self-employed are entitled depend on their type of business and the income they have lost. All details on the government website. HERE.

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Public sector employees

Parents working in the public sector can obtain a “special leave of absence” (ASA), which reimburses them for 100 percent of the corresponding days. Only one parent per household can receive this support, and only if the child is under 16 or disabled.

To benefit from the plan, they must provide their employer with two documents: a letter from the school stating that their child must stay home and a sworn declaration stating that they are the only ones who request to benefit from this support during the days in question.

For more information, visit the government website, link HERE.

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