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What positions are at stake in the June 22 municipal election in NYC?

New York City prepares to choose to the next political leaders who will govern the destinies of the Big Apple during 2022, starting that path with the primary elections next June 22.
And in the midst of the efforts that dozens of candidates for the highest positions of popular election in New York have been making, NYC Votes, an initiative of the New York City Election Campaign Finance Board, which ensures that “elections are fair, inclusive and transparent”, has been given the task of actively informing and educating which positions are at stake in the political arena.

At the same time, and through informative guides, it seeks “Foster a better understanding of the electoral process for all New Yorkers.”

“Local leaders impact our lives every day. New York City elected officials make decisions that affect employment, housing, health care, education, and more. That is why it is important not only to know who the candidates are, but also what their jobs would be if they were elected, ”warns NYC Votes, referring to the positions for which voters will go out to vote.

In the first place, it should be noted that the most important position, considered the second highest in the United States, is that of Mayor of New York, at the moment in the hands of Bill de Blasio, who is elected as leader of the government for 4 years, with the possibility of having two terms in a row.

Regarding the Mayor’s responsibilities, NYC Votes warns that they are, among other things, “proposing the City budget, signing or vetoing bills passed by the Municipal Council, appoint leaders for city agencies, including the Chancellor of Schools and the Police Commissioner, establish priorities and policies for city agencies and manage city land, impacting affordable housing, public parks and street cleaning ”.

Another of the prominent positions at stake in the June 22 elections is that of the Ombudsman, which is currently in the hands of Jumaane Williams, who is himself a member of the Municipal Council, without the right to vote, who has a term of 4 years, with up to 2 consecutive terms.

A very important detail of the Ombudsman is that If for any reason, the Mayor of New York leaves office or is removed, he is the one who assumes the duties of the Mayor’s Office until there are special elections to appoint a new president.

The Ombudsman he is also responsible for introducing and cosponsoring bills in the Council, providing oversight to city agencies, and investigating citizen complaints about City services.

In the elections of June 22 the new one will also be chosen Comptroller, and who has “the obligation to manage the finances of the City and ensure the financial health” of New York, as explica NYC Votes. This position is also for 4 years with the right to be reelected.

Some of his duties include auditing City agencies and contracts, preventing hiring abuses, managing budgets, City investments such as trust and pension funds and bonds, and advising the Mayor and the Council on the financial situation of the City.

Likewise, in these elections the 5 counties of New York: Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, will vote for their new presidents, who are advocates for their counties and consult with the Mayor on the annual budget, provide grants to local organizations, and advise on rezoning plans.

The Municipal CouncilThe 51-member body, where the laws of the New York City government are created, will also be put to elections on June 22, and as an important fact, this time those who are elected will serve for a period of 2 years.

Another of the positions that will be at stake in the primary elections is that of county district attorneys, who are chosen to work for 4 years, without term limits and are in charge of deciding which cases to process and which not, supervising all criminal prosecutions, investigating and prosecuting criminal conduct.

You will be able to meet the candidates nominated for all charges, there will be a full profile that is available at the place web de NYC Votes starting June 1, and in the meantime remember that you can watch the debates that are scheduled for several of the races in the coming days to better hear them about your plans for the City and compare them. For example, the next debate for the Mayor’s Office will be this June 2.

Where to get more information about the elections and the candidates?

  • If you want to know more about each of the public positions at stake and the tasks of each official, you can visit this Voting.NYC site
  • For updated information on the debates that will take place in these primary elections on June 22 and in the general elections of November, you can visit this Voting site. NYC
  • As of June 1, you will be able to consult the complete profiles of all the candidates competing for the different offices, through este enlance de Voting. NYC

Key dates in the electoral process

  • June 12: is the start of early voting
  • June 20th: is the last day you can vote early
  • June, 15: is the last period in which you can request the absentee ballot
  • June 22nd: is the official day of the primary elections
  • November 2: it’s general election day
  • A through this link You can confirm the polling station where you can vote in advance or on Election Day

Facts about the new voting system: Vote in order of preference

  • This year the voters of the city will see a change in their ballots, and that is that they will have the possibility to choose their favorite candidate and also rank other candidates in order of preference
  • Through the ballots, you will be able to fill in the oval of your first option candidate, your second option candidate, third option candidate, fourth option candidate and your fifth option candidate
  • It should be noted that although voters will have this possibility, it is not mandatory to mark 5 candidates. If you only want to vote for yours in the first option and not classify the others, it is your right
  • If no candidate receives more than 50% of the first-choice votes, the last-place candidate is eliminated and votes will be added, according to the order of preference in which the voters ranked the competitors until there is a winner who achieves the most. 50% support
  • Dates of the discussions

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