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What prison would Emma Coronel be sent to to serve her sentence?

Unlike “El Chapo”, Emma Coronel could be in a medium security prison.

Photo: FGR – Alexandria Prison / Courtesy

During Emma Coronel’s sentencing, her attorney Jeffrey Lichtman asked Judge Rudolph Contreras that his client be sent to a California prison to finish her three-year sentence., where she would spend a maximum of two years three months, due to the time she has been locked up.

“Does the defense want to make any recommendations on the place of custody or recommendations on a particular facility?” Judge Contreras questioned.

Attorney Lichtman suggested something near Los Angeles, California.

“Very well, I will make that recommendation,” said the judge.

The final decision will be up to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

The lawyer Mariel Colón told this journalist that her client may be transferred in several weeks to another federal prison., because she is not considered a “high impact” inmate and, therefore, is not a priority.

He claimed not to know where the wife of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera would be sent, but unlike him, who is being held at Supermax in Colorado, his wife could be locked up in a medium-security jail.

Taking into account the defense request and that the judge accepted to include it as a recommendation, from the list of federal prisons for women, the two medium security facilities that could be considered is the FCI Victorville Medium 1, but they are not too far away. FCI Herlong, FCI Mendota and USP Lompoc.

Colonel was sentenced to three years in prison, but he has been in jail for almost 10 months in Alexandria, Virginia, so that time will be unhappy. Upon leaving, he must serve four years of probation.

Accepting the plea agreement assumes Colonel’s cooperation with federal authorities for other cases, something that attorney Lichtman has rejected.

“I don’t know how to make the press understand that there is no collaboration agreement”, expressed the frustrated lawyer in a press conference when leaving the District Court of Washington, DC

Nevertheless, prosecutors have not denied that there is some kind of collaboration agreement on the part of Coronel, who pleaded guilty to three crimes: drug trafficking, money laundering, and conspiring with a foreigner against the United States.

In addition to the reduced sentence, after prosecutors asked for four years in prison and five years of probation, Judge Contreras also reduced the order for the seizure of assets to half a million dollars, after questioning that the wife of “El Chapo” had assets to cover the $ 1.5 million dollars imposed by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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