Tuesday, August 3

What public utility are they talking about?



The exchange of political flowers between Pedro Sánchez and Oriol Junqueras is a farce between two unscrupulous opportunists used to being untrue about their real intentions. The word of one and the other has no value and no forecast can be built on it. At least no positive forecast. Spain has its future hijacked by two politicians without the slightest sense of state. However, both are being consistent with the course of this legislature and with the concrete events that have marked the relationship of the Government with a coup party such as the Republican Esquerra of Catalonia. Sánchez, more than a generous politician, is a grateful stomach because he owes a lot to ERC in the Congress of Deputies, and not only his inauguration since the Republicans have avoided up to thirty appearances of Sánchez before the Lower House and seven investigative commissions on uncomfortable issues for the PSOE and its Executive. All this has happened while Oriol Junqueras and the rest of those convicted of sedition remained in jail with a kind of co-government in the shadows.

For this reason, Junqueras and the others convicted by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court are already de facto pardoned by the Government. They have been pardoned since Sánchez arrived at La Moncloa, what happens is that until now it was a political pardon consisting of treating them as legitimate interlocutors of La Moncloa. From now on, and with the formalization of the pardons, Sánchez is preparing to finish the work that Rodríguez Zapatero began in 2003. If he negotiated with ETA so that the PSOE would have the pro-ETA left available and Arnaldo Otegui as a protected partner, Sánchez now anoints Esquerra with legitimacy to have Oriol Junqueras as a qualified ally in his project to ‘deconstitutionalize’ Spain. The legal support that the Government will use for the pardon decrees will be the “public utility”, as announced yesterday by the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo. Obviously, the Government cannot invoke justice or equity, which are the other two reasons that the Pardon Law of 1870 provides for the granting of this measure of grace. This law also uses the expression “public convenience”, which is much closer to Sánchez’s real intention, which is not to put a pardon for His Majesty the King’s signature, but rather a legislative pact between the PSOE and a coup party whose main leaders are criminals with a final sentence.

These pardons have nothing to do with reasons of justice, equity or public utility because it is precisely the public that is going to be ruined by a pardon that Junqueras and the others do not deserve or have asked for. Sánchez is perpetrating a sabotage against the democratic state, calling arbitrariness “generosity” and calling disloyalty “normality”. It is a sabotage of the constitutional authority of the King, as a symbol of the unity and permanence of the State. It is a sabotage of the independence of the Supreme Court because its sentence will be reduced to a dead letter, even more so after a report that denied point by point any reason to grant the pardon. It is a sabotage of the constitutionalist citizens of Catalonia, alienated from any hope in the exchange of power for pardons planned by Sánchez. And it is, in short, a sabotage of the Constitution. Sánchez has chosen. His choice is not Spain, nor territorial cohesion, nor the validity of the Constitution. Your choice is power at any cost. That is the only “public utility” that Campo talks about.

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