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What should you keep in mind before going to do the PAU?

Selectivity in September with the coronavirus present, stock image

Selectivity in September with the coronavirus present, stock image
Pilar Cortes

What should you keep in mind before attending the PAU on June 8, 9 and 10? The Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Society has prepared a explanatory video to inform students of the most important aspects that they should take into account when they attend the exams in order to inform about security measures to follow: avoid crowds, maintain safety distances and arrival times, among other aspects, in addition to reassure students in the face of the test.

As every year, the PAU Management Commission has provided on the website of the Ministry ( examples of exams, a document on frequent doubts that raises the student body, in addition to the optional exams for each of the subjects. Also available to students are the exam times and places.

Likewise, one of the novelties this year is the creation of the Educational Support Subcommittee. This subcommittee will have among its functions those related to the processes of requests for adaptations related to special educational needs for the exams of the University entrance exams and also resolutions.

It will be made up of the general coordinator of the PAUs, a representative of each of the public universities belonging to the Academic Subcommittee, as well as another representative designated by the Valencian public universities, as responsible for the educational support measures.

This group will also be made up of two representatives of the General Directorate of Educational Inclusion, an official of the General Directorate of Universities and an Education inspector, appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The tests are carried out on days June 8, 9 and 10 in Valencian public universities, in the ordinary call for the University Entrance Exams (PAU), in which there will be a total of 55 courts.

Thus, in the University of Alicante, there will be 11 courts, in the Jaume I University There are six courts established, 11 in the Miguel Hernández University, 12 in the Polytechnic University of Valencia and 12 in the University of Valencia.

The venues where the exams will be held this year are, in the province of Alicante, the campus of Sant Vicent del Raspeig de la University of Alicante and on the campus of the UPV from Alcoi; while the UMH has tests in Dénia, Benissa, Altea, La Nucia, Sant Joan d’Alacant, Elx, Torrevieja and Orihuela, the latter in two locations, which are Las Salesas and the Higher Polytechnic School.

In the province of Valencia, the University of Valencia welcomes the tests in different courts: the Burjassot campus; the Higher Technical School of Engineering; old School of Teaching; to the South Lecture Hall on the Tarongers campus; and, finally, the Ontinyent campus.

For its part, the Univeristat Politècnica de València (UPV) will examine students at different points: at the Vera campus of the UPV, at the Xàtiva Sports Pavilion, and at the Cotoneta de Alzira. In these two locations there has been a change of location this year to be able to guarantee the separation of 1.5 meters in the exam.

Finally, the Jaume I University of Castelló centralizes all the tests on its campus.


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