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What should you know about orgasm? Science has spoken

Today, society has accepted stress as part of its daily life. In the long run, this condition will have a great impact on the health and well-being of people who do not spend time on themselves. Find a moment to disconnect and enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm it is as necessary as beneficial for the Health own, as well as for the couple relationship.

Clitoral suckers have been a true revolution in women’s pleasure. Whether you are in a relationship or if you are living your moment right now, introduce a sex toy such as SONA 2 Cruise in your routine it will be key to increasing the intensity of your orgasms, sexual satisfaction, arousal and desire. We don’t say it, science says it.

The female orgasm is no longer a mystery

SONA 2 Cruise, the most sold erotic toy by LELO in Spain, has been the protagonist of a study carried out in collaboration with the CERNEP research center of the University of Almería at the Tufet clinic in Barcelona on the female sexual response derived from the use of this clitoral sucker. The results obtained show a statistically significant increase in the frequency of couple orgasms, in its intensity and in the sexual satisfaction, both individually and as a couple. Likewise, the data also concluded that, in a high percentage of the women who participated in the study, after two months frequently using this erotic toy, the excitement and the sexual desire it increased.

SONA 2 Cruise is the most sold erotic toy by LELO in Spain

“This study has been very useful to learn more about the benefits of the SONA 2 Cruise clitoral sucker in female pleasure. The results, in addition to being revealing, open the debate on how much we really know about the clitoris and the need to study it more deeply and exhaustively ”, explains Adriana Di Ippolito, Marketing and Communications Manager of LELO in Spain.

The impact of orgasm on female health

Orgasms can have a lot of positive health effects physical and mental, from the pain relief until the stress relief.

In addition to the multiple benefits that orgasms bring to women, in the study it was observed that the use of SONA 2 Cruise in women with menopause it had a number of specific improvements in subjective arousal and lubrication. These could be closely related to the changes that were observed in the diameter of the clitoral artery and the volume of blood flow in the clitoris.

“Although the sample of women in this vital stage was small, these results open the door to future research in which we delve into the positive impact that could have the use of SONA 2 Cruise about menopause”Explains Dr. Maite Fernández.

Clitoral suckers have been a real revolution in women’s pleasure, SILA is perfect for those women who want a softer and more delicate sex toy

During menstruation, orgasms can also have multiple benefits due to increased blood flow in the uterus or the release of substances such as oxytocin, dopamine or endorphins. These consequences can become key to decrease menstrual pain or cramps.

However, sex with menstruation has always been linked to a strong social stigma related mainly to flow and fear of spotting. For some women, this issue can make them uncomfortable and prevent them from enjoying one hundred percent of their sexuality. However, there are some alternatives such as Ziggy Cup, the unique reusable menstrual cup that can be used during intercourse allowing you to enjoy without fears or taboos.

While it is true that some women during menstruation decrease their sexual desire, for many others it does not interfere or even increases them. For those women who want to enjoy the autoplacer, opt for a softer and more delicate sex toy What SILA It is essential, since during menstruation the vulva may be more sensitive than usual.

Dismantling myths

The false belief that erotic toys replace sexual partners has been one of the most widespread and well-known myths around these objects of pleasure. Far from being so, these tools are just one opportunity to reinforce rapprochement, trust, communication and erotic dynamics as a couple. From LELO they point out that these erotic toys can be the perfect ally to improve intimate relationships and strengthen couple relationships.

Another myth that has been formed around orgasms has been that frequent use of the clitoral sucker made it difficult to reach climax. However, as the sexologist and ambassador of LELO, Valérie Tasso, after knowing the results of the investigation, it has been shown that this statement is more than false since, frequent use of this erotic toy can help increase the frequency and intensity of orgasms.

Ziggy Cup is the only reusable menstrual cup that can be used during intercourse, allowing you to enjoy yourself without fear or taboos

Say goodbye to stigma, and hello to pleasure

The use of sex toys has always been accompanied by social stigma. Although we are seeing slight progress in normalizing these pleasure objects, they are still spoken of in a low voice. And you, have you reached that point where you can openly recommend a sex toy to a friend or colleague?

On many occasions, society euphemizes sex toys with other terms and uses them as joke gifts. This question, although it seems funny, can be detrimental to people’s perception of what a sex toy is. From LELO they wanted to approach them more seriously, but then they realized that, although they should take them seriously, they are here to make sex life more fun and attractive. Always being aware that they are not here to fix anything, but rather its mission is to increase what already exists.

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