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What song does this lyric belong to?

Surely more than once you have gone crazy or crazy trying to find a song of which you may know the chorus or some word of it, but you cannot find the title to be able to include it in your playlist. In the following article we leave you some applications that you can use to find that much-desired song when searching for it by its lyrics.

Many online applications make our lives easier by allowing us, for example, to download a YouTube video, translate texts or find the title and author of a song by a phrase or several words.

Well, as far as this topic is concerned, maybe you don’t know where you can find out the title of the song. For this reason, below, you will find a wide variety of alternatives to find them by their letter, among them long-standing online platforms such as YouTube and Google, which have an algorithm optimized to fulfill this purpose, and others for online use.

Do not miss the easiest ways to find a song by part of its lyrics:

1. Google: Many times it is as simple as entering that part of the song that you know, so that Google, thanks to its algorithm, can find the title and the artist.

To perform the search is as simple as enter that part followed by the word “lyrics” or “lyrics” if it is a song in English. With this, Google will throw you results related to what you have entered and with a little luck you will find the song you are looking for.

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2. Youtube: In this case, we find something very similar to Google, but the chances of finding out the song are much higher.

You can quite easily locate a song, simply by entering part of the letter in the search engine. This search engine makes use of an advanced algorithm that refines searches making them more precise.

3. This platform in Spanish is made up of a large database of songs, so finding it will be child’s play.

Also, by selecting the option you were looking for, you will be able to know everything about said musical theme, such as the artist and album to which it belongs, among other information.

We leave you the link to the official page.

4. in this case, the operation is quite similar to the previous one. However, the difference is that here you can make several filters depending on what you know about the song: artist, album, lyrics

The results refer you to other platforms such as Google, in case you want to search for the complete lyrics of the song, or YouTube if you want to listen to it, among many others.

Click here if you want to access the web.

5.Song Word Search: unlike the rest and taking into account that many times we listen to more songs in English than in Spanish, this is the ideal platform to find foreign songs.

This has a huge database with songs in English, so it’s almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for. You will simply need a fragment of the song you want to find, giving you an extensive list of results instantly.

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Access the platform from the following link:

These are just some platforms that may help you find that song, however it is true that if you only know one word it will be quite complicated. Maybe Google or YouTube will help you but it is difficult.

If, on the other hand, you know the melody, the well-known Shazam (although it is complicated) may get the answer, if you tune correctly.

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