Thursday, May 26

What sparked the “biggest protest in history” that has lasted for months in India

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Farmer wields sabers in Delhi's Red Fort


On Tuesday Indian peasants seized Delhi’s historic “Red Fort” as part of their protest.

The peasant protest that has rocked India for months turned violent when a group of farmers participating in a gigantic march in New Delhi deviated from the established route to make their presence felt in the center of the capital.

A peasant died and some 400 policemen were injured after some protesters broke the barricades placed along the route and attacked the authorities to go to the iconic Red Fort of Delhi, one of the most important historical monuments in the country.

Shortly afterwards, the flags of the agricultural unions leading the protest flew in the citadel where more than 70 years ago the flag of an independent India was also raised for the first time.

All in rejection of the attempts of the Narendra Modi government to reform the agricultural sector, the trigger for what many also consider “the biggest protest in history.”

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