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What temperature does the fridge have to be at?

Many people do not know what temperature the refrigerator should be at, this is both part of the refrigerator and the freezer. Today we explain to you what is the temperature that the experts advise and what the administrations in charge of the health of the citizens.

The refrigerator is a miracle of modern food preservation. At the right temperature, this appliance can keep food cold and safe to eat for days or weeks by slowing the growth of bacteria. Here is the perfect guide to choose one.

On the other hand, freezers can keep food fresh and prevent the growth of bacteria for months or years. When the temperature of food begins to rise above a certain point, bacteria begin to multiply exponentially (top 10 american style).

For both food quality and to reduce the risk of food poisoning, it is advisable to keep the fridge at the recommended temperature and follow good fridge maintenance guidelines.

At what temperature should the refrigerator be?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rIt is recommended to keep the temperature of the refrigerator at 4º degrees or less and the one from the freezer at -18º degrees or less.

However, many experts point out that the ideal refrigerator temperature is actually lower. They say that you have to stay between 1.7 ° and 3.3 °.

This temperature range is as close to 0 as possible without freezing the food (keep in mind that there are delicate foods that catch frost without reaching zero).

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The part of the fridge that no one cleans and that could negatively affect your electricity bill

It’s also as close as the fridge temperature can get to the threshold of 4 degrees, at which point bacteria begin to multiply rapidly.

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Temperatures above the 3.4 and 3.9 degree zone may be too highespecially if the refrigerator’s built-in temperature gauge is inaccurate (a common occurrence with older or broken models).

What temperature should the freezer be at?

Usually, it is best to keep the freezer as close to -18 degrees as possible except when many new foods are added (as at the arrival of making the purchase).

Some freezers have a blast freeze option, which will reduce freezer temperatures for 24 hours to prevent freezer burn due to temperature variation.

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American low consumption refrigerators: these are the 5 best models

You can choose to lower the freezer temperature manually for a few hours, but don’t forget to change it back later. Keeping the freezer too cold, however, can skyrocket your energy bill and cause food to lose moisture and flavor.

And if the freezer has a lot of ice buildup, that’s a sure sign that the freezer temperature is too cold. Ideally, turn it off and scrape the ice, so that it works normally again.

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