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What the budget of Elche will mean for 2021

A moment of the vote of the plenary session in which the allegations of the PP of Elche to the budget of the City Council for 2021 have been rejected

A moment of the vote of the plenary session in which the allegations of the PP of Elche to the budget of the City Council for 2021 have been rejected

Elche already has a budget for 2021. The extraordinary Municipal Plenary held today has definitively approved the accounts for this year after rejecting the allegation presented by the PP, a claim rejected for not complying with the Local Finance Law.

The 2021 budget has been approved with the votes in favor of PSOE and Compromis, the abstention of the non-attached councilor and the votes against PP, Vox and Cs. In the next few hours, the summary by chapters of each of the documents that make up the budget will be published in the BOP. Likewise, a copy will be sent to the administrations of the State and the Valencian Community.

As the Councilor for Tax and Financial Management, Patricia Macià, has recalled, the budget was initially approved on December 21 and after the period of public exposure, an allegation from the PP was presented regarding some additions and removals of some items. As highlighted by the councilor, article 170.2 of the revised text of the Local Finance Law and article 22.2 of Royal Decree 500/90, establish that claims against the budget can only be established in three cases, such as: not having adjusted its preparation and approval of legal procedures; omit the credit necessary for the fulfillment of enforceable obligations and, thirdly, due to the manifest insufficiency of income in relation to expenses. Macià has clarified that the claim filed by the PP does not conform to any of these precepts.

Macià explained that the main objective of the 2021 budget is to mitigate the consequences of the health, economic and social crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic, supporting the economic sectors and the most affected families.

The councilor recalled that the budget will allow the City Council join the cooperation fund of the Generalitat, which will make it possible to allocate 6.3 million euros in aid to the hospitality, restaurant, culture and sports sectors, among others.

As explained by Macià, the 2021 municipal budget includes more than 7 million of euros in aid to the social emergency, aid to the payment of the IBI, to sectors affected by the crisis. In addition, the money allocated to the soup kitchens, Cáritas, Elche Acoge or the Red Cross is increased. The item for cleaning schools is also increased to ensure the safety of schoolchildren.

The councilor also highlighted the launch of the new urban waste contract and the 24 million euros that will be allocated to investments in public works in order to promote economic reactivation and employment creation. “We are going to work to have good public services and help those most in need, to continue modernizing neighborhoods and districts and to invest in public works,” he said. Finally, he recalled that the budget includes proposals from the groups that make up the Government Team, PSOE and Compromis, as well as from Citizens and the non-attached councilor.

Suspension of fees

The Municipal Plenary of Elche approved in January the files for the modification of five ordinances relative to rates for the entire year 2021 after its period of public exposure. Among them, the one related to the rate of tables and chairs stands out, which is suspended throughout the year as a measure to support the Government Team, and the entire Corporation, to the hospitality industry in the face of the complicated situation it is experiencing as a result of the health crisis and the measures taken to curb the incidence of the virus. This is a measure that has already been approved for 2020 and is now extended until the end of 2021.

In addition, the street market sales rate is also suspended in order to support this sector, also affected by the health measures derived from the pandemic. On the other hand, the Plenary Assembly agreed to lower the prices of services such as cemetery death certificate.

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