Thursday, January 20

“What they are doing is ridiculous”

The fastest athlete in history, Usain bolt, has positioned itself against the advances in nail technology, which could help erase your world records. The Jamaican believes that they are ridiculous and that the new shoes provide an unfair advantage over any athlete who does not wear them.

After athletes broke the record books in long-distance running in carbon-plated thick-soled shoes, the technology has now moved to sprint trials, where although there is less time in a race for the advantage to have a impact, it is still possible to make a difference.

Usain Bolt: “I would have run in less than 9.5 seconds with super spikes. When they told me, I couldn’t believe that we are really adjusting the peaks to a level where it is now giving athletes an advantage to run even faster, ”he told Reuters in an interview since Kingston.

“It is strange me unfair for a lot of athletes because I know that in the past (the shoe companies) really tried and the body said ‘no, you can’t change the spikes’ so to know that now they are really doing it is ridiculous“He criticized the world record holder for 100 and 200 meters, and an eight-time Olympic champion, who competed with Puma throughout his career.

Bromell takes iron out of the controversy

The American Trayvon Bromell is he favorite to take the title of the 100 meters from Screw on Similar. He’s the fastest in the world this year at 9.77 seconds, but the 2015 100m world bronze medalist is less convinced of the shoe’s impact.

“I don’t think there is a lot of data to show that they are having such a big improvement,” said Bromell, who runs for New Balance. “I know we are constantly building on what we have to achieve the perfect peak, but for me personally, as a runner, still I feel like there is not enough data to really show“.

Nike is proud

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While other companies now have similar shoe models, Nike seems to dominate and prides itself on being a leader in technology. “We are just smarter about how we design and assemble them,” he said. Nike. The company added that it works to keep its athletes at the forefront while staying within the rules, claiming that most of the effort is the result of the athlete’s physical condition.

Reflecting on advances in footwear technology, World athletics said last year: “The current regulations were designed to give certainty to athletes preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponed, to preserve the integrity of elite competition and to limit technological development to the current level until after Similar, in all events. “This disappointment led to Screw to cry out against the agency, in its intention to establish parameters to achieve a balance between innovation, competitive advantage and product availability.

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