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What time is the NHL Draft lottery today? TV channel, odds and how to watch the 2021 draw

Amid all the action of the Stanley Cup playoffs, fans of last season’s worst NHL hockey teams will finally have something to celebrate as the 2021 NHL Draft lottery approaches.

Fans of the 15 NHL teams that did not make the postseason and an expanding franchise are eagerly awaiting the lottery to see which of the worst teams has a chance to be the best prospects in the 2021 draft.

Now, this year’s draft may not be as exciting as recent ones because it doesn’t have a well-defined number one player. That said, there are still plenty of talented players out there who could help turn the fortunes of some of these teams or, in the case of the Seattle Kraken, serve as the building blocks for their new franchise.

Top prospects include Owen Power, Luke Hughes, Dylan Guenther, Kent Johnson and William Eklund. Who will be number one overall? Only time will tell.

But here’s how to watch the 2021 NHL Draft lottery to find out which team will pick No. 1 overall.

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When is the NHL Draft lottery?

  • Date: Wednesday June 2
  • Hour: 6 pm ET | 3 pm ET

The NHL Draft Lottery will take place at 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 2. As usual, the lottery will take place before the first playoff game of the night and will kick off an NHL doubleheader.

What channel is the NHL Draft lottery on?

  • Television channel (USA): NBCSN, NHL Network
  • Television channel (Canada): Sportsnet, TVA Deportes
  • Live broadcast: | fuboTV

In the United States, the NHL Draft lottery can be seen on NBCSN or NHL Network. In Canada, viewers can watch the show on Sportsnet and TVA Sports.

Streamers can access the game on or can find it on fuboTV, offering a 7-day free trial.

How does the NHL Draft lottery work?

The NHL Draft lottery determines which teams will own the top two picks in the 2021 NHL Draft. Teams have a percentage chance of getting the top overall pick determined by the reverse order of ranking. The team with the worst record, the Sabers, has the best chance of landing the first overall pick.

The lottery will consist of two drawings. The first will determine the number one overall pick. The second will determine the second overall selection. After the first draft, each team that was not selected for the first selection will see their chances of obtaining the second selection increase proportionally to their order in the draft lottery rankings.

This year, there will be 16 teams in the lottery thanks to the addition of the Kraken expansion squad that will be tied for third with the best odds for a top two pick.

Additionally, the Coyotes will lose their first-round pick after violated the league’s combined testing policy. As a result, if they get either of the first two picks, there will be a new draw to replace them.

NHL Draft Lottery Odds

As mentioned, the Sabers have the best chance of landing the top pick with a 16.6 percent mark. They are followed by the Ducks, Kraken, Devils and Blue Jackets. Everyone except Columbus has a 10.3 percent chance of landing the first overall pick.

Here’s an in-depth look at the lottery odds, from the best chance of landing first pick (Buffalo) to worst chance of landing first pick (Rangers).

Seed Team Odd (%)
1 Buffalo Sabers 16.6
two Anaheim ducks 12.1
3 Seattle Kraken 10.3
4 New Jersey Devils 10.3
5 Columbus Blue Jackets 8.5
6 Detroit Red Wings 7.6
7 Sharks of San José 6.7
8 Los Angeles Kings 5.8
9 Vancouver Canucks 5.4
10 Ottawa Senators 4.5
eleven Arizona Coyotes 3.1
12 Chicago Blackhawks 2.7
13 Calgary Flames 2.2
14 Philadelphia flyers 1.8
fifteen Dallas stars 1.4
sixteen New York Rangers 1

The Ducks, Kraken, Sharks, Canucks and Flames have a chance to be the first overall pick for the first time in franchise history. The Coyotes have never been selected as number one in any draft, but they will not be selected as number one in 2021 either, as they are willing to lose their pick.

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