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What time should you go to sleep to avoid a heart attack and cardiovascular disease

It is well known that sleep is a very important function of the body that regulates many organic processes and that definitely influences our general health. Now an investigation by the University of Oxford and other English institutions has found the ideal time to go to sleep and avoid a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.

Using data from 103,712 participants, who were monitored with a wrist accelerometer, the experts analyzed the time of sleep onset and the incidence of cardiovascular disease in order to find patterns. Cardiovascular disease directly affects the heart and can cause heart attacks, cerebrovascular accidents, heart failure and chronic ischemic heart disease, among other serious conditions.

The researchers found that people who go to bed between 10 and 11 at night are less likely to develop heart problems than those who go to bed earlier or later. In fact, those who go to bed between 11 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. have a 12% higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, and those who fall asleep before 10 p.m., a 24% higher risk, but the risk it is further increased by falling asleep after midnight.

These incidences are particularly real among women and among people with other health conditions such as hypertension, smoking, obesity or diabetes. The study authors believe this time to sleep may be the riskiest because it reduces the probability of seeing the light in the morning, a factor that resets the biological clock.

And although bedtime is important, experts point out that other aspects should also be evaluated to determine the health and quality of sleep, such as duration of sleep, time of sleep, ease of awakening, as well as the continuity or efficiency of sleep, that is, the ease of falling asleep and going back to sleep.

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“This is one of the largest studies to date to investigate the relationship between objectively assessed sleep parameters and the risk of cardiovascular disease. We have shown a clear association between the timing of sleep and the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly for women ”, reads the research published in the European Heart Journal.

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