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What to do with excess skin after losing a lot of weight

Excess skin is a problem faced by people who have lost a significant amount of weight. It is not a particularly comfortable situation for them, who may go through new insecurities around your body.

In an interview with Men’s Health, the surgeon Ángel Juárez solves some common doubts about the reconstructive cosmetic surgery procedure, such as its duration, the procedures that are performed, and other aspects of interest. We will explain this to you in detail below.

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery

In scenarios where a person is left with an enormous amount of excess skin after slim down, the reconstructive cosmetic surgery It appears as the best alternative to stabilize the physical appearance after weight loss.

In this surgery, tummy tucks, that is, the excess skin of the abdomen is trimmed while the muscles are strengthened. It is a procedure that causes longer scars than usual due to excess skin and tissue relaxation.

Reconstructive surgery is the ideal option to remove excess skin resulting from weight loss. Source: Unsplash

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery may require various operations to remove excess skin in order to respect patient safety. Each operation lasts between 5 and 6 hours and, at most, two procedures are performed in each one.

According to Juárez, reconstructive cosmetic surgery is the only way to deal with excess skin. Otherwise, the skin folds can lead to uncomfortable ulcers, hygiene problems, mobility problems and infections.

The risks of these operations are similar to those of other cosmetic surgeries as long as the recommended guidelines for the case are followed.

Ways to correct sagging skin

It is preferable that you take the necessary preparations before performing reconstructive cosmetic surgery in order for the procedure to give you the best possible results. Among what you can do is the following.

Eat the right proteins

Proteins are the only nutrients capable of enriching muscle tissues and skin that we need to reaffirm, so its consumption is a priority.

These proteins can be of animal or vegetable origin, but keep in mind that the one that can best help you is the lean protein, that is to say, the one aimed at toning the muscles.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is a key point when it comes to repair of our skinTherefore, drinking plenty of water is necessary for future reconstructive surgery.

This is because the water hits the body tissues directly, which is made up mostly of water.

Jump the rope

Jump the rope
Exercising is essential to strengthen the body for the surgery. Source: Shutterstock

Jumping rope is a very important exercise to correct flaccidity because tones the muscles of the body. For this, it is recommended that you jump at your own pace and let your physical condition improve in order to increase the demand and intensity.

A situation of excess skin must be treated with patience and integrity on the part of the affected person, in order to reduce as much as possible the amount of skin that is no longer necessary for their body. It is the smartest way to act in this circumstance.

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