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What to know about Democrat Tim Ryan

  • Ryan represents northeastern Ohio in US House of Representatives.
  • Ryan’s campaign focuses on Ohio’s working class
  • In 2019, Ryan ran for president.

In the crowded Ohio senate race, House member Tim Ryan is the frontrunner on the Democratic side of the ticket. Ryan launched his campaign to replace retiring Republican Senator Rob Portman in April of last year. He will face off against progressive candidate and attorney Morgan Harper and tech executive Traci Johnson in the Democratic primary on May 3.

The Ohio Democratic party endorsed Ryan in February, as did Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. Ryan’s campaign focuses on Ohioan workers, promising to revitalize the state’s eleven thriving manufacturing sector and to push for higher wages.

Here is what to know about Ohio senate candidate Ryan.

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Who is Tim Ryan?

Ryan is a Democrat who represents Ohio’s 13th district in the House of Representatives. He has represented Ohio in the Congress since 2003. He is also a former Democratic presidential candidate. Before Ryan was elected to Congress, he served as an Ohio state senator. Ryan’s career in politics started in 1994when he worked as an intern for Democratic Ohio congressman james trafficant.

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